Wholesale Camping Gear
How to Buy Cheap Camping Gear, Equipment & Tents

Buying wholesale camping gear will make both your wallet & wife/husband happy.

Learn how to find cheap camping gear at the best surplus camping equipment sites

If you're looking to pick up some wholesale camping gear, you're in business. There are a number of great places on the web for you to do so.

If you aren't scouring the net for cheap camping gear, equipment & tents, you're missing out on some seriously good deals.

Everyone knows that camping isn't the cheapest of hobbies. You need gear that is going to work hard for you--not just to look good in, but to keep your family safe and cozy.

wholesale camping gear

Soaking up the views while using
wholesale camping gear

A good quality tent (like the REI Kingdom 6 Tent) is going to run you a couple hundred dollars.

But you need more than a tent, don't you?

You need a sleeping pad, a sleeping bag, a backpack, a heater/air conditioner, something to cook with, something to cook on... the list continues.

On top of the expense of your camping gear, there's a price tag for transportation as well as, in many cases, campground fees.

Add up all the dollars you have to spend in order to get back to nature, and you're looking at a pretty healthy pile of bucks.

So, what can you possibly do to cut back on the costs?

Believe it or not, you can do a whole heck of a lot.

How to Buy Cheap Camping Gear:
Equipment & Tents

We here at Camping Tent Reviews never want to let money get in the way of your (or our!) happiness, so we like to give you the lowdown on some great deals now and then.

One of the ways the editors at Camping Tent Reviews save the most money is by shopping for wholesale, surplus, or used camping gear.

Found both online and in-store, wholesale camping gear usually consists of items that are overstocked, undersold, or slightly used. These products are still good (and, in many cases, brand spanking new), but available to you at a fraction of the price.

When it comes to buying cheap camping gear and equipment, you can't go wrong with wholesale camping gear goods.

But, where do you find them?

Below, there's a closer look at just where you can find the best in used and surplus camping gear.

Wholesale Camping Gear: Where to Go

When it comes to finding the best wholesale camping gear online, there are two options (very different from each other) that you should definitely check out first:

cheap camping gear

Enjoying cheap camping gear in Colorado

  1. REI Outlet - REI's outlet store for camping gear has hundreds of products on offer, some of which are up to 60% off, and most of which are at least half the regular price.

    This online REI outlet store has REI Ridgeline packs, SunCloud Oasis polarized sunglasses, and even a Kelty Corrie tent or two for a mere fraction of the normal price.

    Do yourself a favor and check out this site immediately for the best deals and steals on the net.

  2. - This website rocks. Every half hour they offer up one piece of camping equipment for sale at an incredible, amazing, and truly jaw-dropping discount. And they keep selling until the product runs out of stock. Then it's on to the next one.

    Keep bookmarked and check it often!

How to Find Used Camping Gear

Used camping gear is much more available than you might think. And not all of it is totally worn out.

If you're looking to save some extra bucks on a pack or tent that's been used a time or two already, then you can find some seriously great deals for cheap camping gear and equipment. Check out:


Used camping equipment is generally even cheaper than surplus or wholesale camping gear--and the price is often negotiable.

Whichever avenue towards savings you choose, though, always be sure to keep your options as wide open as possible.

Look in every dark corner and lift every rock in your search--because you just never know the wonderful, cheap camping gear and equipment you'll find.

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