What's the Best Tent For a Family of 3 Plus Our Dog?

by Alison
(Monterey, CA)

I am looking to replace our old Eureka (3-person?) tent to fit our larger family. This one did leak from the bottom sometimes even with a tarp. We camp each year during the summer (we live in CA) and want a high quality tent that won't leak and won't need to be replaced in a few years.

We are a family of three (husband, wife, 2 year old girl). We also have a dog (25 lbs) that may need to be inside with us so I have been leaning towards a 6-person 2 room tent so the gear and dog can be separate from our sleeping area. There would need to be enough room on one side for a queen air mattress. I am open to 1 room tents.

I was considering the Eureka Tetragon 1210 and the REI Kingdom 6. There is a bit of a price difference but am willing to pay for it if the quality and functionality is better. I am open to other brands.

Most important: quality, no leaking, easy set up, good use of space (pockets, etc.)

Thank you!


Hi Alison,

Allyson here :)

Let me begin by saying I'm slightly biased with Eureka Tents. I absolutely love them and almost every tent I've personally owned has been a Eureka. They make high quality tents that will last a very long time.

Here are a few reviews to help get you started:

We think that your debate is solid. Both the REI Kingdom 6 and Eureka Tetragon 1210 tents will meet your needs. And I'm glad to see that you know what your needs are!

In terms of space, the Eureka Tetragon offers more. It has an additional 40 square feet (120 vs 80) and 3 inches of height (6 feet, 5 inches vs 6 feet, 3 inches).

However, the problem is durability. For some reason, even though it's a car camping tent, The Eureka Tetragon 1210 has fiberglass poles, which are lighter, less durable and usually used for backpacking tents. The REI Kingdom 6 usues aluminum tent poles.

If you read one of our >visitor's reviews on the Tetragon 1210, you'll see that my point about aluminum vs fiberglass poles is very important. His/her poles broke in 3 trips. Imagine camping with your child and dog and having your tent break on a windy day? Not good!

Our opinion - Even though Eureka tents are generally high quality, the REI Kingdom 6 is a better option than the Tetragon 1210.

Here's a link to the REI Kingdom 6 on

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