What's The Best 2 Room Cabin Tent for Family Car Camping?

by Mon
(Orlanda, FL, USA)

I saw a family cabin tent last year that appeared somewhat lightweight, two door entry with one side window with top ventilation. The tent was two room with one room as a screen.

Any suggestions which company makes this type of tent? Basically, what I'm looking for is a tent with ample ventilation, has two doors and two rooms (one of which is a screen room).


Hi Mon,

It seems like you know what you're looking for here. That's great! It makes choosing a tent so much easier when you know exactly what you want.

I am a little confused by one point of yours: you are looking for a 2 room dome tent for family camping. But you also want one that's somewhat lightweight. Typically, those two things don't align.

If you want a lightweight tent, you're looking for a backpacking tent. For a car camping tent, the weight really isn't an issue. You'll only be moving it about 15 feet, not 15 miles.

Because of that, I'm going to leave weight out of my picks for you. If I'm wrong here, feel free to comment and I'll be sure to respond.

Picking the Best 2 Room Cabin Tents for Car Camping

You have so many optons here. Here's what things boil down to when picking the best tent for your needs:

  • How many extra amenities you want (an overhang, extra interior space

  • How easy the tent is to pitch

  • The tent's reputation (how long it will last)

  • Fiberglass or Aluminum poles (you want Aluminum for car camping--they are sturdier and weight isn't an issue)

  • Your budget

REI Kingdom 4 Tent Review

In the middle of a generic budget, you have the REI Kingdom 4 Tent. This is an incredibly well-reviewed tent, super durable, has 2 large doors and 2 windows for excellent air circulation, an excessive amount of interior mesh pockets for easy organization.

Although it's marketed as having very high vertical walls, they are only 5 feet, 7 inches--not super high compared to others in this category.

But the biggest benefit is that this tent is an REI tent. REI offers the best customer service, a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee (meaning no hassles with returns), the Membership COOP deal where you get a percentage back every year for every purchase you make, and their gear is fantastic.

Read this REI Kingdom tent review from one of our visitors to learn more about this fantastic car camping tent.

Or just read the REI Kingdom tent reviews on's site.

Eureka Condo 3 Room Tent Review

The Eureka Condo Tent is a new tent that offers the ultimate in luxury family car camping.

Since you're in Florida, excellent ventilation is a must. And the Eureka Condo gives you 10 windows that are all fully closable and waterproof.

You get 3 doors and a room divider so you can easily change it into a 3 room or 2 room tent.

And unlike the REI Kingdom tent, this baby is 8 feet in height. Now that is a tall tent that anyone who doesn't play in the NBA can walk around comfortably in.

But with all this size and extra ameneties, the price tag is certainly going to rise, putting it way outside the price range of most family car campers.

Still, it's worth considering it, especially because Eureka tents are such high quality and are lifelong investments.

Learn more about the Eureka Condo at

Eureka Copper Canyon Tent Review

My final recommendation for the best 2 room tent for family camping is a tent from the Eureka Copper Canyon series.

In particular, I'd recommend going with the Eureka Copper Canyon 1512 tent.

This family cabin tent has a room divider to change one room into two, a detatchable awning to provide shelter ffrom rain or sun, skylights for stargazing at night and 2 large 'D' shaped doors.

The biggest drawbacks? Barely any internal storage. There is a gear loft overhead and 1 small pocket inside. When you're camping with your family, you need plenty of interior storage pockets for organization. This tent lacks that.

However, as you can see in this Eureka Copper Canyon 1512 review, hundreds of campers are in love with this tent and for good reason: it's reasonably priced, durable, made by Eureka, waterproof, and offers fantastic luxuries that no other tent in this price range come close to offering.

You can read our Eureka Copper Canyon tent review to learn more, or just head over to to learn more about this great tent.

Good luck and please let us know what you decide!

Happy camping!

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