What's a Rainproof, 4 Person Tent With Good Ventilation?

(South Dakota)

Our older Coleman tent is 9x7 with 3 poles and we want to get away from that 3rd pole and just get a square-ish dome tent that just has the 2 poles.

We need a tent that will sleep 2 kids in sleeping bags plus 2 adults on a queen air bed so I'm thinking a 9x9 or 10x10 size.

We camp from Memorial Day to Labor Day in South Dakota so there's a good chance that it could get cold at night on the first and last trips, plus being that it's SD, there's a good chance it will be windy.

It can also be very humid so I would like good ventilation and every trip last summer included a rain storm so we also need good rain protection.

Is there such a tent that has good ventilation, as well as protection from wind, rain, and cold? Point me in the right direction, but not the most expensive one there is!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi Stacy,

Perry from Camping Tent Reviews here!

Camping in South Dakota is such a blast! We've been up there a few times and have loved exploring the Black Hills and the Badlands.

So glad to hear that you know what your needs are with buying a tent. And don't worry--we pride ourselves on pointing you in the right direction for the best tent for your needs--not the most expensive one.

Ok... on with the suggestions...

Best 4 Person Tents for Family Camping

OK... so, not all of these tents are technically 4 person tents. And that's OK! For what you're looking for, a 6 person tent will usually work better.

Here are our suggestions:

REI Kingdom 8 Tent

Actually, any tents in the REI Kingdom series work well. But for your needs, the REI Kingdom 8 tent will set you perfect for a lifetime.

This is the most expensive of our recommendations, but there are numerous benefits to choosing a more expensive tent from REI than another Coleman:

  • Lifetime warranty - If it breaks, or you don't like it for whatever reason, return it. Whenever.

  • REI Membership gives you free shipping and numerous other benefits

  • It is large, spacious, has 2 rooms, and will withstand any elements

Learn more about the REI Kingdom 8 tent.

Eureka Headquarters Tent

The Eureka Headquarters Tent has fantastic ventilation, 2 rooms so you have plenty of space for all your equipment, sleeping bags, and your air mattress...


Best of all...

The tent uses clips for fast and easy set-up.

Just let your husband and one of your kids go at it and they'll have the Headquarters tent pitched in no time.

With 2 doors and windows on every side, you'll receive plenty of cross ventilation to remain nice and cool on those hot, summer nights in South Dakota.

Learn more about the Eureka Headquarters Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Tent

The Coleman WeatherMaster 6 tent is one of the most reasonably priced, large family camping tents out there.

While Coleman tents aren't always 100% reliable (or easily pitched, as you learned with your Coleman tent), they do make a fantastic tent for a reasonable price.

With this 6 person tent, your family will have plenty of cross ventilation, enough room for your air mattress, and even an outdoors screened room for relaxing in if the sun is too hot or the weather turns for the worse.

Personally, I think having a screened room for your family to relax in when camping is a fantastic addition, but it's not necessary.

The major drawback:

Pitching a Coleman WeatherMaster tent. The tent uses pole sleeves instead of clips and it makes pitching the tent that much more difficult.

Learn more about The Coleman WeatherMaster 6 tent

Good luck and let us know what you decide!

~ Perry

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