Tent Camping in Southern California
Best Southern California Camping

Tent camping in southern California is some of the best camping in the US.

Discover the best beach camping, RV campgrounds & California state parks campgrounds.

When most people think of spending time in the great outdoors, southern California camping doesn't generally jump to mind.

But the truth is that southern California is some of the best campgrounds in the world.

About Tent Camping in Southern California

Southern California isn't just for surfing and skateboarding. There's more to the San Diego region than the beach. There are mountains, forests, deserts, and trails beyond measure.

But, of course, you don't really have to get away from the beach to go camping in a tent in Southern California.

There are plenty of opportunities for beach camping in southern California where you can spend the weekend sleeping under the stars at night and swimming in the ocean during the day.

The point is: southern California camping may not be nearly as limited as you imagine.

And if you're not in southern California, you can always check out northern California and take the family camping to Yosemite National Park

Below, we'll take a look at some of the benefits and advantages to tent camping in California's southern region. Then, we'll look at Camping Tent Reviews' very own list of the top three places for San Diego tent camping.

The Benefits of Tent Camping
In Southern California

You've probably already guessed the biggest benefit of camping down in the southwest corner of the continental United States.

Yep, it's the weather.

Southern California has a reputation for beautiful weather for the better part of the year. And that reputation wasn't won by deception.

With the desert on one side and the Pacific on the other, whether you camp in California's state parks campgrounds, go beach camping in southern California, or park your RV at one of the many RV campgrounds in California, your time spent tent camping in Southern California won't be a blustery one.

You can leave that mummy bag, winter parka, and camping heater for tents at home.

Here are some other benefits of camping with your family in Southern California:

  • Beach Activities: surfing, sailing, horseback riding, etc.
  • A Change of Landscape: the desert isn't the wasteland you think it is
  • Plenty of Locations: Mountain, Desert, Beach--you name it!

Best San Diego Tent Camping Areas

So, you think you might want to give southern California camping a shot?

Well, if you do, consider the San Diego area.

There are plenty of campgrounds, beaches, RV parks, and State Parks to choose from.

Here's a brief rundown of Camping Tent Reviews' top spots for San Diego tent camping:

  1. Anza Borrego Desert State Park Area Campgrounds - This is by far one of the best desert state parks in the entire country.

  2. Cleveland National Forest Area Campgrounds - 567,000 acres smack in the middle of San Diego County.

  3. Little Blair Valley Primitive Campground- Situated at the head of Little Blair Valley, this campground is within walking distance of three great hiking trails.

  4. Vallecito Regional Park Campground- Vallecito is a verdant, lush area surrounded by mountains of heat-blasted stone. There may not be a more magical place in all of Southern California. And yes, that includes that magical kingdom up north.

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