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Family tent camping in Florida is a blast! Discover the best tent camping Florida sites, from tent camping in Disney World & Orlando to Florida Keys beaches

Have you ever considered tent camping in Florida?


Well, why not?

Sure, Florida doesn't evoke images of great campgrounds, hiking trails, and memorable outdoor trips.

It generally makes you think of alligators, night clubs, and retirement homes.

But this just isn't true--well, for all of Florida, at least.

Florida is a big state, and there is much more to it than Miami or what we get from movies, novels, and TV shows.

With a wide selection of national, state, regional, and county parks for you to visit and explore, Florida is one of the most camping friendly states in the entire southeast.

Below, we'll take a look at some of the benefits and advantages of tent camping in Florida.

And then, we here at Camping Tent Reviews will offer you a look at our list of some of the absolute best places to go for truly fantastic Florida tent camping.

Tent Camping Florida
Benefits of Florida Tent Camping

Whether you're more interested in exploring the solitude of the Everglades or the communal excitement of a more populated place like Daytona Beach, tent camping is a great way to see everything Florida has to offer.

Florida is such a tourist location (Disneyworld, Epcot Center, Daytona 500, Miami beaches, Florida Keys, and a million and one other large-crowd draws) that prices for accommodation are way above the norm.

Touring this great state can be hard on your wallet if you stay in hotels, motels, or even hostels.

One way to combat this is to bring a tent with you and stay in parks. This is a relatively cheap way to see what brings millions of visitors down to Florida every year.

Another great benefit of Florida tent camping is the weather.

Although it may be too hot and humid for summer camping, it will never be too cold.

Do you have a camping heater for tents, a fur-lined parka, or a sub-zero mummy bag?

Well, good for you. But don't bring any of them along. They'll only waste good space.

The temperate climate of Florida's regions offers comfort and respite from the cold.

Some other benefits of Florida tent camping include:

  • Great Activities: Cycling, fishing, kayaking, jet skiing, sightseeing
  • Exotic Wildlife
  • Gorgeous Vistas

Tent Camping Florida
Where to Camp

Still want to camp with your family in Florida? Great! We don't blame you!

One of our editors grew up camping with her family in Florida along the Suwannee River and she loved it!

Take a look at this list of Camping Tent Reviews' best places to pitch your tent in Florida:

  • Key Largo Kampground & Marina - Two beaches, a boat ramp, swimming pool, and other great activities are at your fingertips

  • Everglades National Park- You may have glimpsed it on TV, but you've never truly seen it until you've been there. Beautiful!

  • Big Cypress National Preserve - A truly mesmerizing preserve that you won't be able to stop photographing

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