REI Hobitat 6 Tent Review | Camping with the Grandkids

by Gregory
(Colorado Springs, CO)

I once enjoyed camping and back packing but as a “junior” Senior Citizen living on Social Security I have scaled back my camping pleasures.

Now, I usually choose to enjoy camping at State or National Parks. I often choose Parks that offer showers, and laundry facilities. And I take advantage of any specials for seniors.

As I plan my trips I keep in mind the time of year and always make reservations far in advance. Long ago I gave up the rock hard ground and a tarp stretched between two trees.

I considered a Tent Trailer but they are expensive and hard to store when living in a condo.

Now, I rely on the quality of REI and their discounts on camping equipment that I can enjoy upon becoming a REI member.

After much consideration, I chose the REI Hobitat 6 tent.

My first choice was the REI Kingdom 4 Tent, but I liked that I could have the added privacy of a vestibule with the REI Hobitat 6 and the Grandkids seem to find great mystery as the moon rises remembering their favorite Hobbit Characters.

At one time I enjoyed tenting and camping alone and used the Quarter Dome T 1 Tent from REI. One feature of that small one person tent I miss when I use my REI Hobitat 6 is that I can not enjoy the pleasures of day or night by removing the rain fly.

But the REI Hobitat 6 Tent provides me with ease of access.

We have more than enough room and I can have privacy.

The Hobitat by REI is easy to set up. It is sturdy and the price was so right.

REI always stands by any camping product it sells me.

Every spring as I prepare for my camping season I open the REI Website and look to see what new Tent Accessories are available.

Then it’s time to grab the rope for the dog and the hot dogs for the grandkids. Pack the car, set up the REI Hobitat and camp.

I love this tent and would recommend it to anyone.

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