REI Half Dome 2 Person Tent Review | Camping in Utah with REI Tents

by Brian C

The REI Half Dome tent is REIs introductory backpacking tent.

For less than 200 dollars it's a steal of a deal!

The tent is lightweight enough to use as a packable tent. Although they say it's roomy enough for 2 people, 1 person with gear fits much better. The rain fly is large enough you can stow gear outside and have plenty of space in the tent.

The REI Half Dome tent is a 3 season camping tent—however, I have used this in winter camping and it performed fairly well, even though it was not made for it.

Set up is a breeze with the REI Half Dome.

In just a few minutes you can have your tent up, staked down, with the rain fly protecting your already drenched gear. High winds are not an issue as long as you take precaution to stake everything down well.

Living in Utah, there is a lot of slick rock down south, so staking may mean finding a tree or something to tie off to since rock and sand can be fairly unstable in higher winds.

I love sleeping in my REI Half Dome tent. It has nice duel mesh panels, allowing for a nice breeze to blow through, and stargazing on mild nights.

This 3 season tent has several mesh pockets and stash areas in the tent that allow easy access to flashlights and other camping essentials in the middle of the night. The material has held up to several years of camping although I am more just a weekend camper and have not used this for any extended camping.

A side note, it's very easy to pick up and shake the REI Half Dome tent out! Before you take the posts out of the tent, you can just pick it up and shake out any dirt, or in my case dog hair! This is one feature my black lab Sage and I like very much.

For under 200 bucks, you cannot miss with the REI Half Dome!

Thanks for reading!

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Camping in Yellowstone with the REI Half Dome Tent

by Mike S.
(San Diego, CA)

I recently bought the REI half dome tent at their annual sale. I've rented and/or borrowed the same tent before, so I knew it would suit my purposes.

It's only about 3 pounds... not the lightest, but certainly usable for both car camping and backpacking.

I took it to Yellowstone last year, and we got rained on several days.

In terms of waterproofness... it was just OK.

Definitely had some soak through near the bottom sides, especially if anything like a sleeping bag was touching the side.

During heavy rain, there was even splashing off the ground under the rainfly onto the tent. That was a little bit of a bummer.

Even when wet, it dries fairly quickly in a little bit of sunshine. It has two collapsible poles that make setup very easy. The same poles also support the rain fly. Ropes and stakes are included, but are usually not necessary. It was handy during the rain to use them to expand the rain fly as much as possible. It's very easy to set up by yourself.

In terms of room, it is quite spacious for two people. It has nice headroom, including several storage areas at the peak of the tent and at the corners.

If you are alone, there is plenty of extra space to store your gear without the tent being too heavy to bother bringing.

I believe they have a slightly newer version that is both lighter and has a more rigid construction that keeps it's shape better in the rain to avoid some of the problems I described.

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I Love My REI Halfdome Tent! 7 Years Old & Camping Strong!

by Alice

I love my REI Halfdome tent!

Growing up in Minnesota, I camp often up in Northern Minnesota, both in the Boundry Waters and at our family's cabin near Grand Marais.

For my 20th birthday, I asked for a tent and I did a lot of research before I got it. I purchased the HalfDome tent from REI.

I LOVE this tent.

It is very easy to put up, and has an excellent rainfly. It is big enough to fit an air mattress for my husband, or two sleeping bags and our very large lab. It packs down small for backpacking and is light.

Alice Isn't Lying!
See Why This Tent Averages 4 Stars in over 75 Reviews!

This tent is now 7 years old and has been to Montana, Wyoming, MN, Oregon, California, Arizona, and on the Appalachian trail. The tent has held up exceptionally well.

Now that I have a family, I wish it was bigger - we are going to have to trade up for a tent big enough to fit our growing family. If only I could find all of those features in a bigger tent!

The only other disadvantage is that the tent does not have a sun roof!

On several occasions, my husband and I have wished we could see the stars on a clear mountain night.

An important note is that the footprint is sold separately and an important investment to make. It keeps out the moisture so much better! But I would not trade this tent for the world!

I purchased this tent at REI and this was a really great decision.

REI has an amazing return policy and allows you to return or exchange your tent if at any time you are dissatisfied. Totally awesome!

Once, the zipper on our tent got stuck and we were able to return it easily for a new one.

REI also has a membership program where you get 10% back on all your purchases. Have I mentioned that I love, love, love this company!?

And I love, love, love to camp and do it three seasons of the year... A great tent is key, and the REI HalfDome is an excellent tent!

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