Best Ozark Trail Camping Equipment
Ozark Trail Outdoor Equipment Reviews

Ozark trail camping equipment is cheap, but is Ozark Trail outdoor equipment reliable? Find out with Ozark Trail air mattress, portable hammock & hanging tent gazebo reviews.

ozark trail camping equipment

Ozark Trail Camping Equipment

The selection of Ozark Trail camping gear available is wide. There is no doubt that Ozark Trail strives to be a leading manufacturer of all kinds of camping gear.

But we at Camping Tent Reviews think they may be doing themselves more harm than good by spreading out their expertise so thin.

Just because a company produces a large line of camping products, does not mean that they necessarily know what they are doing.

Or, if they do know, they aren't spending enough time and money on their merchandise to give it the quality it deserves.

What's the bottom line here?

Ozark Trail is known for their tents, and as far they go, public opinion is fairly high for these. Their camping tents are cheap and affordable, making them accessible to anyone who loves the outdoors and camping.

But as far as their other products go...

Ozark Trail camping equipment is a cheap substitute for countless other products by other, more knowledgeable and worthwhile brands.

Ozark Trail outdoor equipment and gear tends to be poorly made, poorly performing, and a general waste of consumers' time and money.

Ozark Trail Outdoor Equipment Reviews

Here is a closer glimpse of a few Ozark Trail camping equipment products, so that you can judge for yourself.

ozark trail air mattress

The Ozark Trail Air Mattress

  1. Ozark Trail Air Mattress - Priced at under $20, these inflatable beds are probably one of the worst of the Ozark Trail products.

    The airbed has been mocked and ridiculed to no end by online consumers from a variety of websites. The biggest issue: it doesn't hold air!

    You will go to bed, thinking everything is A-OK, then wake up in the middle of the night on the floor, because all the air has escaped. But, really, what can you expect for less than twenty bucks?

  2. Ozark Trail Air Pump - Remember the cheap air mattress? Well, it actually comes with an air pump. Obviously, at no extra charge, this air pump is not of the highest quality.

    Sure, it may be better than having to blow into the bed to make it rise, but not that much better. The best advice, if you insist on buying an Ozark Trail air mattress, is to get a self-inflating one.

  3. Ozark Trail Portable Hammock - This item is fantastically portable and really useful if you are a light person. It says there's a 250-pound weight capacity, but that shouldn't be trusted. After 200 pounds, the hammock feels like it's going to give.

    On the positive side, it's easy to assemble and easy to lug around. The problem is that it also feels easy to collapse.

  4. Ozark Trail Hanging Tent Gazebo - The truth is: this is a genuinely decent product. It's easily put together and provides great shade on those hot days. The problem with this one comes from misinformation.

The Ozark Trail Hanging Tent Gazebo doesn't actually come with a gazebo. It's just the tent. You have to provide your own gazebo. And nowhere in the description does it say that. Talk about misleading your customers!

Is Ozark Trail Camping Equipment
And Gear Worthwhile?

ozark trail hanging tent gazebo

The Ozark Trail Hanging Tent Gazebo

Here's the bottom line: Ozark Trail outdoor equipment and gear is ultra affordable.

If you have a very limited budget and don't plan on taking serious, overnight camping trips, then you can probably put up with the negatives.

But even so, there are a number of other low-priced brands out there that you might want to try first.

A couple that come to mind are Eureka tents and Kelty camping equipment. They may better suit your needs.

If, however, you are a serious camper, then it goes without saying: avoid Ozark Trail camping equipment at all costs.

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