The North Face Trailhead 4 & 6 Person Family Tents

by Happy Camper

We are family car campers and we have owned a The North Face Trailhead 4 & 6 for 4 years.

The tents have provided us with comfort through heavy rain and wind for years. We use tarps for floor protection and our equipment looks new.

The only trouble we have experienced is with the zipper flaps on the tent. They tend to jam.

When we heard of the changes to the Trailhead 2009 models, we jumped on the occasion. We sold our tents and purchased the 2009 models. WHAT A DIFFERENCE THE ZIPPERS MAKE WHEN THERE ARE NO FLAPS. Although the zipper flaps can be removed on the old models by a qualified expert.

The 2009 model is also very light in color and allows lots of light in the tents. The floor is a nylon taffeta floor compared to our older models which had the oxford floors. The taffeta floors are not troublesome at all and are also much lighter.

They also provide the same waterproofness as the oxford floors. We have compared the Trailhead to the new The North Face Mountain Manor and we would not trade.

I do not wish to go into specifics, however the Trailhead out-performs the new Mountain Manor series quite well in relation to technical design only.

We are extremely pleased with our Trailhead 2009 models and we hope that The North Face takes note of the benefits of the Trailhead series tents and builds on its platform. I see no other brands that would compare to the quality and design as featured in the Trailhead series tents by The North Face.

We would without reservation recommend The North Face Trailhead series tents (2009 model year). They are a sound investment that would provide years of enjoyment and comfort.

The icing on the cake.. "A LIFE TIME WARRANTY!!!!!!!!!"

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3 Room Cabin Tent Review: The North Face Trailhead 8

by David
(New York)

My favorite cabin tent is the three room, North Face Trailhead 8.

It is easy to set up even in the pouring rain. It withstands high winds and rain.

The pull down privacy walls makes the three separate rooms.

It makes me feel like I have a home away from home. It has a lot of nice storage pockets for keys, sunglasses, wallet etc.

It does not weigh very much considering its size and you can fold it back up and put it with the bag it came with.

I went camping for the weekend and it rained all weekend and we stayed dry and warm with a small heater we had set up inside the tent. It comfortably sleeps 8 people so it is a wonderful size for a family and friends.

I liked the fact that you can spend more time enjoying yourself instead of the time consuming task of setting up a tent.

I have had tents that took forever to set up. I have set up this tent by myself but it is easier with two people. A person in our family joked that it was bigger than their apartment.

It has excellent ventilation even with the fly on. The cost was about 350 dollars which I think is reasonable for how lavish it is for a tent.

I have taken this tent to our local campground which is right on the ocean and I have also taken it to state park.

The one thing that I do not like about it was that it seemed to get very hot in the summer months of July and August. The color is light so it isn't that bad and would be worse if it was a darker color.

A lot people we met on the campgrounds were impressed by it and liked it better than the tent they purchased. I would like to take it in the wilderness one day that isn't a campground or state park and try it out.

We camped in it one night and it rained all weekend and stayed dry and warm with our small heater set up inside.

My son said he had a problem with the zipper but I did not. My son said they tended to snag at the storm flaps. The ceilings are a little low in the side rooms but the middle room is great for tall men camping with comfort.

It took us about 15 minutes to set up. The overall experience of owning the North Face Trailhead 8 cabin tent has been a pleasure.

Happy Camping!

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Trailhead 8 by North Face

by Janis

I used to take many motorcycle trips across the country and always camped with my faithful, 30 year old Eureka 3 person tent.

Now, I have a couple of daughters, 3 and 6, we started camping as a family last summer. Since I saw this coming I wanted to find a family tent.

Pretty much all the tent reviews I read had nothing good to say about family tents. That is until I looked into the North Face Trailhead 8. I finally found some decent reviews.

Of course, when I got the tent I wanted to see how it looked, so I set it up in the yard.

I was immediately impressed with the quality of this tent.

It went up very easy, even the first time I set it up. It really does not take much time at all, probably 15 minutes by if I am doing it alone.

On one of our trips last summer right as we finished eating I supper, we could hear a real downpour coming from the lake. We got into the tent and fell asleep to the drops of rain on the tent.

I feel confident that it will be a good tent, however had not tested it in a real heavy rain.

Anyway, we had a great night and not a drop of water got in the tent. The other nice thing about this tent is there is a built in vestibule that makes a little “room” before the front door, great place for firewood and shoes.

As we awoke warm and dry we walked around the campground to see most of the other campers soaked, many had put tarps over their tents in the middle of the night to try and stay dry.

I remember smiling at my wife and saying to her, “that is the reason I didn’t pick any of those tents”. They do have a smaller and larger version.

For us this is just the right size. With 2 double air mattresses there was still room in the middle of the tent to get in and out without disturbing others.

I have only used the North Face Trailhead 8 tent for one season so far, but I am confident I made the right choice.

Learn more about the North Face Trailhead 8

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