A Lifetime Full of Memories With Coleman Camping Tents

by Vlad

I received a Coleman camping tent when I was 8 years old for my birthday. Coleman definitely makes great quality camping gear.

I'm 24 now, so my tent has stayed in great condition for 16 years.

Mostly I used it for camping in the back yard when I was younger. It's a small tent that fits about 2 people. It's red and has the top cover in case of rain.

I loved that it was just the right size and it was great for keeping the bugs out. The stakes that came with the tent were very durable and even in harsh winds the tent would stay in the ground. The poles that came with the tent are also durable and kept the tent up.

I also like that the tent was easy to assemble and didn’t require much time to setup.

I live in the Midwest and it gets pretty cold at night in the fall and spring, and the Coleman tent kept the cold wind out well.

Coleman camping supplies are very abundant in the Midwest and is the top brand sold in our department stores.

The one thing I wasn't super happy with was that in the morning there was dew, and the tent said that it is water proof but it didn't always keep the water out.

My friend had Coleman Weathermaster tent that fits 5 people and had the extra room attached. It was very roomy and was pretty much same quality as my tent.

My Coleman tent has a lot of memories, and that's why I like it.

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Camping in America with Coleman Tents - Best Family Camping Tents

by Joe
(Phoenix Az)

I used to have the BEST camping tent, it was a Coleman tent, I think it was intended for 4 people, you know Mom, Dad and two kids.

I used this tent many times for me and my son. We used it at the lake and at various camp sites and my friends property that we go to every year.

I even hauled this tent to Sturgis South Dakota with me for the annual bike run. The tent was “free” for saving UPC labels off of an item that was something I bought daily, I saved them for over a year and when this company put their catalog out of items to choose from I saw the tent and just had to have it.

At this point you’re probably wondering what made it so great.

It was the ease of putting it up:

You simply unzipped the storage bag it came in, unfolded it out flat, which was all of four corners, you stepped into the “door” , lifted up the center until you heard the tent “poles” click and viola! You were done!

A sixty-second-to-pitch tent that was a decent size, it even had a fly that came with it, a back window with the zipper closure if you didn’t want the window open. But best of all, no tent poles to break and snap or snag the tent as you were stringing them through to create the frame.

Like I said it wasn’t a huge tent, you weren’t going to stand up and get changed in it or put a card table or an inflatable bed in it but it was the perfect tent to carry in your trunk, stow away behind the seat in your truck or whatever.

I never had to worry about getting to my location in time before the sun went down to get my tent set up for the evening, while everyone else was fighting and arguing about how to build their tent the correct way,

I was already down the trail scouting things out!

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Why I Only Buy Coleman Camping Tents For My Family

by Liz

My family and I love camping together. We enjoyed having long camping trips for the whole week surrounding the Fourth of July.

We would set up a whole group of tents with our friends on an island on the Tennessee River. Out of all those crazy different kinds of tents, I would have to say, my favorite camping tent out of all the others was a Coleman camping tent. The colors were great, and I liked the size.

We had a few night thunderstorms on our trips and, it worked pretty well in the wind, but not so much in the rain.

It leaked a little in the corners, but I've had that experience with almost any tent I've used! I loved it though, because it was pretty good as far as space and even a bit tall, but pretty easy to put it up. The steps were simple and you didn't have to do a ton of them. To me, that's a huge plus for a tent!

Space is always a good thing, especially when you are going on a week long camping trip! I also liked the zippers.

When you're camping for that long, you obviously end up going in and out of your tent a lot. I liked that the zippers were pretty easy and would never snag. I also liked that bugs would never get through the door when you only wanted the screen door up. Some tents gave me that issue.

Anyway, overall, I thought it was a great tent for a long camping trip in the summer!

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Why I Love My Coleman Tent - Camping in the Woods, Beach... Anywhere!

by Robert
(Virginia Beach, VA)

I live in Virginia Beach, VA about 15 minutes from the ocean front in the good old United States of America.

My tent is made by Coleman. I purchased it at my local Walmart for about $24.00.

The tent is a ten by ten pop up with one window, a screen roof with detachable rain guard, an attached foot mat for cleaning your shoes, two outside shoe compartments, and plenty of inside storage compartments, which I love.

I generally use the tent on camping trips on the beach. My Coleman tent is really easy to set up and I find that it is a perfect tent for me.

I have had mine for about five years and I use it about three times a year. I find the tent very dry and spacious and the built-in shoe mat and outside shoe storage really helps to keep that troublesome dirt and sand out of the tent.

The tent has enough room for my surfboards, fishing poles, air mattress, and any luggage I might bring.

Rain or shine, I always have a great time whenever I set my tent up.

After my trip is over, breaking the tent down is just as easy as setting it up.

It comes with a compact storage bag and fits easily on the shelf in my closet at home.

I would feel absolutely comfortable recommending any of Coleman's tents to anyone.

So,for camping on the beach, in the woods, or just with the kids in the back yard Coleman products are my first choice and only choice. If you value quality products, Coleman should be your first and last choice, as well.

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