The North Face Dyad 22 Tent Reviews
2 Person Backpacking Gear

The North Face Dyad 22 Tent is a single wall, lightweight shelter - but is it the best camping equipment for you?

Learn why Flight Series Dyad 22 tents reviews are mixed.

Ultralight backpacking tents always sacrifice something for weight. Usually, these lightweight lodges have little to no ventilation. Luckily for summer campers, the North Face Dyad tent is designed with a mesh door and roll-back vestibule for excellent airflow.

Weighing in at approximately 3.5 pounds, the North Face Dyad Tent is not the lightest of light, but it is an efficient shelter that provides protection from the elements and is more reliable than a bivy or freestanding shelter.

The North Face made this backpacking tent lightweight with its patented Featherlite aluminum tent poles. It pitches easily thanks to Fusion pitch technology and uses a unique wind-tunnel development that increases the North Face Dyad 22 Tents stability in high winds.

The North Face Dyad 22 Tent Review

North Face Dyad 22 Tent

The single wall, Dyad 22 Flight Series by North Face is not a bare bones lightweight backpacking tent. Many thoughtful features keep the weight low and functionality high:

  • Roll-back vestibule and mesh door for excellent airflow

  • Lightweight 1 inch tent pole sleeve

  • Featherlite aluminum tent poles

  • Fully seam sealed canopy

  • Fusion pitch technology means this camping tent is up in minutes

  • L shaped door minimizes tent weight

All of these thoughtful features are what you would expect from North Face tents.

When hiking in the backcountry, you need a shelter you can count on. However, you also want a lightweight tent that won't break your back or bank account. With the North Face Dyad tent, you get both.

If you want extra space, the North Face Dyad tent is light enough that you can justify it as a one person tent.

North Face Dyad Tent Specifications

  • Area: 36 square feet
  • Weight: 3 lbs 4 oz (trail); 3 lbs 9 oz (total)
  • Pack Size: 20" by 55"
  • Number of Poles: 2
  • Tent Pole Material: DAC Featherlite NSL aluminum
  • Number of Windows: Roll back vestibule
  • Number of Doors: 1
  • Sleeps: 2 people
  • Vestibule Area: 4.5 square feet
  • Seasons: 3

The North Face Dyad 22 Footprint

Purchasing a footprint for your lightweight backpacking tent will extend your tent's life. That said, the Dyad is a lightweight shelter. A footprint will add another 5 oz.

It's a tradeoff: extend your tent's life and have a heavier pack, or lose a few years on your tent but keep your back happy.

Purchasing The North Face Dyad 22 Footprint is a personal choice that must be decided based on your personal needs and demands.

The North Face Dyad 22 Tent: Advantages

The last thing you want to do after a 12 mile hike is spend 30 minutes pitching your tent. While it's not a self erecting tent, the Dyad 22 Flight Series by North Face pitches within minutes. This convenience should never be overlooked.

The roll back vestibule is nice for airflow, but not something many campers would trust. It all depends on environment and if there's any chance of a storm, you leave it closed. This means zero air flow and ventilation.

Many lightweight backpacking tents will run you 300-400 dollars. The North Face Dyad tent costs less than $300. This is a fantastic price for 2 person ultralight, backpacking tents.

The North Face Dyad 22 Tent: Disadvantages

North Face Dyad 22 Tent

Consumers either give 5 stars or 1 star Dyad 22 reviews. There is little middle ground in camping tent reviews of the Dyad 22.

Here is the reason why people don't like the North Face Dyad tent: they don't set it up properly. Camping Tent Reviews isn't stating that campers don't know how to pitch the tent--it's a fault in design.

If the North Face Flight Series Dyad 22 tent is not pulled incredibly tight when pitched then condensation will build inside the tent.

In fact, in order to avoid condensation from building, you must pull the fly so tight that it feels like the tent will rip. Otherwise, you will get wet inside, which is a terrible price to pay.

The only other disadvantage of North Face Dyad tents for camping is that it's snug for two people--but any 3.5 pound tent will be snug. It's the price you pay for lightweight.

The North Face Dyad 22 Tent: Consumer Reviews

Consumers like:
  • Quick set up
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price
Consumers don't like:
  • Condensation on inside of tent
  • Snug


North Face Dyad 22 tents are excellent values for lightweight, backpacking tents.

While not the lightest out there, few two person tents will be as easy on your back and banking account. While North Face Dyad tent reviews vary greatly, it seems as if most negative consumer reviews are due to consumers not pulling the tent tight enough.

This is a design fault in the North Face Dyad 22 and an unfortunate one, but shouldn't deter you from purchasing this best priced backpacking tent.

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North Face camping tent reviews
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