My Eureka Grand Manan 7 Tent Review: Camping in Adirondacks

by Joe
(Harrison, NJ USA)

My Eureka Grand Manan 7 tent has served me very well! I give it 5 out of 5 stars for a 2-3 person, 3 season camping tent and here's why.

I mainly use my camping equipment for music festivals, so this is my take without having the "backpacking" experience as of yet.

The tent comes in a small bag about the size of a sleeping bag rolled up and actually folded back up with room to spare when it was time to dis-assemble.

Poles were sturdy and the bungey held up nice. Putting the tent together was a bit of a pain, as the rain fly took some bending of the poles to get on properly, pretty sure with no instructions telling us to do so (downfall, none found just pictures on box).

I think the best part of the Eureka Grand Manan tent was the rainfly.

It was so that the door was covered with an angled "awning" design of the rainfly... in other words, the rain (it rained A LOT) ran off the rainfly towards the outer perimeter of the tent... kinda how a huge umbrella would act.

This awning part of the Eureka Grand Manan tent's rainfly, as stated before, covers the doors of the tent and has a zipper of it's own, with a plastic clear "window" on it. It stakes into the ground far away from the tent, which is where the keeping the water away from the actual tent comes in.

Also one more cool feature is the ventilation set up at the top of the inside of the tent. There's a series of zippered screens at the top of the tent and the side that act as a good cross breeze circulator, even with the rain fly on.

Spent 3 days in the Adirondacks in upstate New York in early September with a friend, in the middle of a grassy field with the Eureka Grand Manan tent.

Nights hit around 45. Rained 2 out of 3 days, for about 5 hours straight. Pouring at one point!

The ONLY time water came in was when the part of the rain fly that covers the doors was unzippered, allowing rain to hit the doors of the tent.

They leaked RIGHT thru, so that rain fly set up properly is essential.

In my Eureka Grand Manan 7 tent review, in my own rating system, I give it a 5 out of 5 stars for 3 season 2 person tents. Stake it well and keep it closed up for rain and you're more than fine.

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