MSR Mutha Hubba vs Mutha Hubba HP Tent: What's The Difference?

by Ilse

We are thinking of buying the MSR Mutha Hubba but can't seem to decide between the normal and the HP version.

We would use this tent on hot summer days, but also in the fall, when heavy rain and wind can be an issue.

Everything seems to point us to the MSR Mutha Hubba HP version, except for the technical specs.

Apparently the outer shell of the HP is less rain and sun resistant? Is this to compensate for the weight of the mesh?

And does it mean that the HP will need to be replaced quicker?



msr mutha hubba tent review
Hi Ilse,

First, let me say that MSR tents rock!

All of our writers either use an MSR or Big Agnes tent as their main backpacking tent and love the brand.

OK... onto your question...

MSR Mutha Hubba VS Mutha Hubba HP Tent

First, have you read our MSR Mutha Hubba review? It's a good place to start.

Once you're done there, here are the specs of these two camping tents laid out right in front of you:

Whoa! Looks like these are almost the exact same tents.

The only difference is in material & that the HP is slightly lighter than the standard Mutha Hubba. And guess what! This is even related (surprise, surprise). The HP is lighter due to a different canopy and rainfly material.

But what do these tent nylon ratings mean?

The Difference Between Mutha Hubba's Tent Material

Is one technically more resistant than the other? Not necessarily.

MSR tents are associated with quality. They only make top notch products & only use the best materials.

Mutha HubbaMutha Hubba HP
Area: 40 square feetArea: 40 square feet
Height: 3 ft 10 inHeight: 3 ft 10 in
Weight: 6 lbs 15 ozWeight: 6 pounds 4 oz
Pack Size: 18 by 8 inchesPack Size
Number of Doors: 2Number of Doors: 2
Sleeps: 3 PeopleSleeps: 3
Seasons: 3Seasons: 3
Pole Material: Aluminum (DAC)Pole Material: Aluminum (DAC)
Vestibule Area: 14 sq ftVestibule Area: 14 sq ft
Fly Material: 40D NylonFly Material: 20D Nylon
Canopy Material: 330T NylonCanopy Material: 238T

The HP version's of nylon makes it a more comfortable 3 season tent as this particular nylon retains heat better and allows it to be warmer in the shoulder seasons. However, this is also going to make it warmer during hot summer days, too.

What Should You Buy?

Personally, I would not be concerned with water proofing issues on the Mutha Hubba HP.mutha hubba hp tentNone of our testers have found the tent to be less waterproof than the MSR Mutha Hubba.

Since you say you will be using the tent primarily in hot summer days and occasionally in the fall, we'd recommend buying the MSR Mutha Hubba, as it will keep you cooler on summer days than the Mutha Hubba HP.

Additionally, the tents use different materials only to make the HP lighter than the non HP version. It is specifically geared toward ounce counting, ultralight backpackers.

Just because the nylon material is different does not mean that it's any less durable.

If however you plan to be backpacking more than car camping & you're an ounce counter, then you should consider the Mutha Hubba HP more heavily. It's lighter weight makes it a slightly better backpacking tent, but not by much.

Hope that helps you come to a decision!

Where To Buy the MSR Mutha Hubba
  • REI - The membership rebate always makes REI our top choice for buying outdoor gear. Plus, with a 100% customer satisfaction return policy, you can always get the HP if you change your mind.

  • Backcountry - A fantastic staple that usually has a greater selection of older models of tents than REI does

  • Amazon - Always reliable, always cheap
Where To Buy the MSR Mutha Hubba HP

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