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How do the best Mountain Hardwear Tents compare to MSR, Columbia, Marmot & North Face tents? Find out with Mountain Hardwear backpacking & camping tent reviews

If you're looking for a new one, two or three man tent, Mountain Hardwear camping tents are one of your best options.

True, they aren't all peaches, but there's nary a rotten fruit in the bunch.

The people at this company are really at their finest when they're constructing specialty tents (solo and four-season structures). It's only when they have to tone it down to make recreational two- and three-person tents that they aren't consistently fantastic.

If you are in the market for a new shelter, we here at Camping Tent Reviews believe it is very much in your best interest to explore the line of Mountain Hardwear tents available to you.

Don't be surprised if you don't find exactly what you're looking for in Mountain Hardwear. But that's OK, because plenty of other brands are out there to compare them to, like MSR or North Face Tents.

But, to that end, don't be surprised if you do, either, because Mountain Hardwear makes some damn fine camping tents.

Mountain Hardwear Tents
Reviews & Ratings

In order to give you a taste of what this better-than-average tent manufacturer has to offer you, we've put together a brief rundown of a select number of their products.

If one of them strikes your fancy, do yourself a favor and examine it closer.

Mountain Hardwear Hammerhead 2 Tent Review

The bestselling two-person shelter in the entire line of Mountain Hardwear tents, the Hammerhead 2 is great for three seasons of the year.

It really stands out, though, in the summertime, when its spacious interior and great ventilation keep you comfy and cool.

The Good:

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • A durable tent that will stand up against nature's more violent mood swings
  • Watertight construction to keep you dry in the wet seasons

The Bad:

  • At almost eight pounds when packed, this is a heavy two person shelter
  • While it's a snap to erect, the Hammerhead 2 takes a bit of time to disassemble

Learn more about the Mountain Hardwear Hammerhead 2 Tent

Mountain Hardwear Hammerhead 3 Tent Review

The Hammerhead 3 tent is a versatile shelter that will keep you comfortably cool in the heat, nice and warm in the cold, and will never let you down in the rain.

Like its two person counterpart, the Hammerhead 3 is a breeze to set up.

It's also been praised for its ability to minimize condensation build up over night.

The bottom line is that this is a great tent for a great price (right around $300 from online retailers).


  • Waterproof construction keeps you dry
  • Minimal condensation
  • Versatile construction for all kinds of weather
  • Great interior acreage (46 square feet)


  • Too heavy for some consumers' tastes (eight pounds)
  • Poor pole construction has led to bent or broken parts

Learn more about the Mountain Hardwear Hammerhead 3 tent at

Or read our full review of the Hammerhead 3

Mountain Hardwear Lightpath Tent Review

mountain hardwear lightpath tent

Tough, durable, easy to assemble, and the price is right.

What more could you ask from a camping tent?

How about this: it's also ultra lightweight, making this one of the best Mountain Hardwear backpacking tents.

The Mountain Hardwear Lightpath tent comes in two varieties (or sizes): the two person and the three person. So, depending on how many campers you wish to share your shelter with, you have your choice of two very well-made tents.

The advantages and drawbacks of the two models are almost exactly the same. Let's take a peek at those right now:


  • Ultra lightweight design allows you to take this tent with you wherever you go
  • Great ventilation in warmer weather
  • Low price tag (less than $200 for either the Lightpath 2 or Lightpath 3)
  • Quick and easy pitch for those who don't like to dally


  • Collects a good deal of condensation, depending on the weather and number of campers inside
  • Thin material makes these tents susceptible to damage without a footprint in place
  • Not a freestanding tent-this makes it near impossible to move when it's assembled

Learn more about Mountain Hardwear Lightpath Tents.

Or read our full review of Mountain Hardwear Lightpath tents

Mountain Hardwear Trango 2 Tent Review

The Mountain Hardwear Trango 2 is a tent that you can take on any expedition and feel certain it will keep you safe, sounds, and happy.

This is a four-season shelter that's truly as tough as they come.

Whether you're taking it into the extreme cold or sizzling heat, the Trango 2 can be modified to make sure you spend a comfortable night sleeping within its walls.

The Trango 2 tent is an example of Mountain Hardwear tents being excellent when they're designed for specialty needs.

But even if you aren't a camper looking to spend the night at the Everest Base Camp, you'd be doing yourself a great favor to give it a bit of your attention.

The Good:

  • Very comfortable interior area for two campers (41 square feet)
  • Super strong and incredibly durable for four-season weather
  • Waterproof construction

The Bad:

  • Because it's so spacious, the weight is high for a 2 person, 4 season tent (over ten pounds when packed)
  • Like a lot of other Mountain Hardwear tents, it collects more condensation than perhaps it should

Learn more about the Mountain Hardwear Trango tent.

Mountain Hardwear Sprite Tent Review

mountain hardwear sprite tent

The Mountain Hardwear Sprite is one of the roomiest solo shelters on the market.

But, in spite of that, it's also one of the most portable.

Weighing in at less than three pounds, it's surprising to learn that the Sprite offers 17.5 square feet of interior space and a peak height of over three feet.

This isn't your grandfather's one man tent--this is a one-person palace that you can set up in a flash and carry with you wherever you go without it ever dragging you down.

The Pros:

  • Super spacious interior
  • Ultra lightweight design
  • 5 square foot vestibule included in structure
  • Great mesh pockets for all your carry-ons

The Cons:

  • The mesh walls tend to scratch up fairly easily
  • The vestibule is pretty small-but, on the other hand, most one-person tents don't even have vestibules

Learn more about the Mountain Hardwear Sprite tent at

Or check out our more detailed Mountain Hardwear Sprite review.

Mountain Hardwear Light Wedge Tent Review

mountain hardwear light wedge tent review

Available in both two person and three person models, the Mountain Hardwear Light Wedge is a great lightweight structure that keeps you and your companions well ventilated with its large mesh walls.

Although it is a lightweight tent, it isn't nearly as featherlight as the Mountain Hardwear Lightpath tent.

If you're looking for Mountain Hardwear's best, ultralight backpacking tent, stick with the Lightpath.

That being said, the Light Wedge is a great product in its own right.

It is ideal for campers looking for a hybrid tent that's
spacious for car camping and light enough for backpacking.

Here's a closer look at the good bits and bad:


  • Lightweight design (slightly more than 6 pounds in the 2 person model)
  • Fairly spacious interior (35 square feet in 2 person model)
  • Nice low price


  • Poor ventilation with the fly attached
  • Pole construction isn't as sound as consumers would hope

Learn more about Mountain Hardwear Light Wedge tents.

The Final Say On Mountain Hardwear Tents

Mountain Hardwear tents are reasonably priced, durable, reliable, and are trusted by campers worldwide.

While their best tents cater to specific niche markets (4 season, 2 man tent or hybrid backpacking/car camping tent), you will not be disappointed in any Mountain Hardwear tent you buy.

The common thread throughout all Mountain Hardwear Tents: You will get your money's worth, but will have to deal with condensation (almost all complain about condensation on every single Mountain Hardwear camping tent).

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