Kelty Yellowstone 4 Tent Reviews
4 Person 3 Season Family Tents

Kelty Yellowstone 4 tents are cozy & economical dome tents for camping.

But even though Kelty Yellowstone 4 reviews are positive, they are not the best entry-level camping tents - learn why...

The Yellowstone 4 person shelter is one of three Kelty Yellowstone Tent models.

None have the extra amenities of numerous rooms or wall dividers--but all will bring your family closer together.

Kelty Yellowstone 4 Review

The Kelty Tent Company designed this 4 person, 3 season tent for a specific consumer: the new to camping, budget minded parents.

As such, they included numerous features that are appealing to entry level campers:

kelty yellowstone 4 tent specs

Kelty Yellowstone 4 Tent Specs

  • Noiseless zippers permit entry/exit throughout the night

  • Easy to pitch with a combination of clips and sleeves

  • Waterproof, which is a must for any tent

  • Window flaps permit ventilation even when it's raining
The Kelty Yellowstone 4 person tent excels at nothing but is an all-around solid shelter for car camping.

When beginning campers shop for a tent, a common mistake is purchasing a poorly constructed tent for less money or a massive tent that has features they don't need.

With Kelty Yellowstone Tents you walk the delicate line of economical and reliability--a delicate balance few family dome tents can achieve.

Kelty Yellowstone 4 Person Tent Spec

  • Area: 64 square feet
  • Max Height: 59 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds 2 oz. (Minimum); 10 pounds 14 oz. (Packaged)
  • Number of Windows: 2
  • Number of Doors: 1
  • Packaged Size: 10" by 30"
  • Vestibule Area: None
  • Tent Pole Material: Fiberglass
  • Seasons: 3

The Kelty Yellowstone 4 Footprint

Tent footprints help extend the lifespan of your tent. When you have children, a family camping tent needs a footprint below it.

The Kelty Yellowstone 4 Footprint weighs only 14 oz, but costs about one-third the price of the Yellowstone 4 person tent. While pricey, Camping Tent Reviews urges you to purchase the footprint--especially if you have kids.

Kelty Yellowstone 4 Person Tent: Advantages

Like other Yellowstone tent models, the greatest strength is price and durability. These shelters won't break the bank and will keep you dry.

You can't ask for more when introducing your kids to camping

Read Consumer Reviews of the Yellowstone 4 at

Kelty Yellowstone Four Tent: Disadvantages

yellowstone 4 tent

The Yellowstone 4 Fully Pitched

Even though this shelter meets the needs of many individuals, the Yellowstone 4 person, 3 season tent has many drawbacks that consumers must recognize before purchasing. Otherwise, you risk great disappointment.

First is the size. The Kelty Yellowstone 6 is quite cozy with 4 people and gear--and it's a 6 man tent.

The Yellowstone 4 is 26 square feet smaller and has a peak height of only 59 inches as opposed to 76 inches. This is drastic. For kids, it's not a problem. For adults, you won't be able to stand up in your tent.

When introducing camping to a family, having some leg room and the ability to stand in your tent is key.

If only your kids will be using this tent, then it's fine. 2 adults, 2 kids, and camping equipment cannot comfortably fit into a Yellowstone 4 Tent

Since the tent lacks a gear vestibule, your camping equipment must remain either in the tent or car. Again, this intrudes on the already small space available.

Finally, as with other Kelty Yellowstone tents, fiberglass tent poles reduce the tent's stability and one door makes entry/exit more difficult.

The Kelty Yellowstone 4 Tent: Consumer Reviews

Consumers like:
  • Easy set up
  • Economical
  • Sturdy
Consumers don't like:
  • Tent poles aren't durable
  • Small
  • Cheap tent stakes


Kelty Yellowstone Tents meet basic camping needs. Even though it is durable and waterproof, Camping Tent Reviews cannot give it a high rating. Frankly, our Kelty Yellowstone 4 tent review concludes that it is too small to comfortably fit your family.

The best family tent for camping in the Yellowstone line is the Yellowstone 6. Spend the extra $50 and purchase that model instead--you'll thank us later.

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