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Kelty tents are popular camping and backpacking shelters

But does the quality of Kelty camping tents live up to their name? Learn more with Kelty reviews and ratings, including reviews of the Kelty Yellowstone 6, Gunnison 2, Matra 7 and more!

The Kelty motto is, 'Go anywhere'. This certainly stands true--so long as you purchase a reliable Kelty tent as opposed to the poorly constructed models.

Thankfully, Camping Tent Reviews is here as a fully comprehensive resource. With honest Kelty camping tent reviews, you can make an informed decision when purchasing your shelter.

Kelty tents typically takes the best features found in more expensive tents and mimics them in their own models while reducing costs.

How is this possible to include innovative technology with lower costs? Simply put, corners are cut and excess is removed.

However, this does not mean all Kelty camping tents are poor investments: you just need to fully research the shelter, understand your needs, and determine if you can live without certain features.

For entry-level campers, budget-minded families, and backpackers that understand their camping needs, Kelty tents can be a steal.

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Kelty- Yellowstone 6 Kelty Yellowstone 4 Kelty Mantra 7
Kelty Yellowstone 6 Kelty Yellowstone 4 Kelty Mantra 7
Kelty Green River 6 Kelty Green River 4 Kelty Teton 4
Kelty Green River 6 Kelty Green River 4 Kelty Teton 4
Kelty Teton 2 Kelty Trail Dome 4 Kelty Gunnison 2
Kelty Teton 2 Kelty Trail Dome 4 Kelty Gunnison 2
Kelty Ridgeway Kelty Screenhouse Kelty Sunshade
Kelty Ridgeway Kelty Screenhouse Kelty Sunshade
Kelty hula house Kelty hula house Kelty hula house
Kelty Hula House Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Kelty Parthenon 4
kelty acadia kelty trail ridge
Kelty Acadia Kelty Trail Ridge

Below you will find brief reviews of the most popular Kelty camping tents, both family and backpacking tent models. If you purchase one of the below Kelty camping tents, you will have room in your bank account for additional camping equipment and gear--however, your satisfaction and happiness may be compromised if the shelter does not fully meet your needs.

Kelty Yellowstone 6 Dome Tent Review

kelty yellowstone 6 tent

The Kelty Yellowstone 6 Tent

Kelty Yellowstone Tents come in three sizes--however, each size tent is marketed incorrectly.

The Yellowstone 6 claims to be a 6 person camping tent but only comfortably fits 4... the Yellowstone 4 claims to be a 4 person tent but only comfortably fits 2-3... and the Kelty Yellowstone 2 is incredibly tight for two people.

That said, if you are looking for a no-frills family tent for camping, the Yellowstone 6 Kelty Tent is a fantastic option.

It is an entry-level dome shaped shelter that won't break the bank, is simple to pitch, and ideal for car camping.

Unlike other family camping tents, the Kelty Yellowstone 6 only has one room, which can make things a little cramped. However, for less than $200 you won't be kicking yourself later if you buy the tent and your kids despise camping.

It's lack of a gear vestibule and fiberglass tent poles are worrisome--however, they are not deal breakers as you can store gear in the car and consumer reviews claim the poles held up fine.

Learn more about the Kelty Yellowstone 6 Dome Tent

Kelty Gunnison 2 Tent Review

kelty gunnison 2 tent

The Kelty Gunnison 2 Tent

The Gunnison 2.1 is marketed as a Kelty backpacking tent that offers many advantages to consumers. In fact, like the Yellowstone 6, this is incorrectly branded: while it can be used for backpacking, this dome camping tent is best used for car camping.

Right off the bat, the fact that the Gunnison has two doors screams out 'Car Camping!' The extra weight of a second door is not worth it to experienced backpackers. That doesn't mean the Gunnison 2 isn't a good camping tent--Kelty was just manipulative in its marketing.

In fact, few two person tents for car camping are as perfect as the Kelty Gunnison 2: you get two doors, two gear vestibules, an easy to pitch tent, and excellent ventilation--it's just not a backpacking tent.

The one major consumer complaint is that the tent floor punctures easily, so it is recommended that you purchase the Kelty Gunnison 2.1 Tent Footprint.

Learn more about the Kelty Gunnison 2 tent

Kelty Mantra 7 Tent Review

kelty mantra 7 tent

The Kelty Mantra 7 Tent

A family camping tent that Kelty should be incredibly proud of is the Kelty Mantra 7.

This bombproof palace can withstand the worst of storms and includes numerous thoughtful and innovative features, such as a gear vestibule that is large enough to stand up in.

In researching family tents for camping, no tent reviews are as positive across the board as the Kelty Mantra 7.

If you are in the market for a top rated family tent, you must research this Kelty camping tent.

Learn more about the Mantra 7 camping tent

Kelty Ridgeway Tent Review

The Ridgeway by Kelty is one of the cheapest family dome tents on the market--and there's a reason for this: these tents are garbage.

Whatever you do, steer clear of the Kelty Ridgeway.

Apparently, the Kelty Tent Company doesn't even manufacture Ridgeway Tents. In fact, some third party in China builds them.

Why on Earth Kelty decided to attach their reputable name to such a terrible piece of camping equipment makes no sense to us at Camping Tent Reviews. However, they did, and you need to avoid buying this Kelty camping tent no matter what.

Have you been using Kelty Camping Tents?

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