Kelty Parthenon 4 Tent Review

The Kelty Parthenon 4 certainly lives up to its namesake, that giant architectural wonder of Ancient Greece. This is a hugely spacious tent that allows for much more than a little elbow room. But is the extra space worth the extra hundreds of dollars? Take a closer look at this Kelty model to find out.

Kelty Parthenon 4: Camping Tent Overview

Kelty Parthenon 4 Tent

There are a number of positive attributes to the Kelty Parthenon 4-Person Tent--chief among them a vast interior living space--but there are more than a few drawbacks, too.

The Parthenon is somewhat of a luxury shelter. It offers:

  • Very tall peak height
  • Waterproof construction
  • Versatile rainfly/awning design

But when it comes to portability and defense against rough weather, it leaves a thing or two to be desired. If you're a professional camper looking for smooth backpack camping, you can keep on looking. With an almost 23-pound packed weight, this guy will definitely drag you down.

So who is this tent made for? Families who enjoy fair-weather, comfortable camping seem to be the target audience here. If you fall into that category, by all means take a closer look. If you don't, however, you'll want to skip on ahead to the next model on your list.


Take a gander at the Parthenon 4's technical details to get a better idea of what this shelter offers.

  • Area - 61 square feet
  • Height - 6 ft
  • Floor Size - 7'10"x 7'10"
  • Weight - 20 lbs 15 oz (packaged weight: 22 lbs 13 oz)
  • Pack Size - 22" x 13"
  • Number of Windows - N/A
  • Number of Doors - 1
  • Sleeps - 4 People
  • Seasons - 3
  • Pole Material - DA 17 Aluminum DAC / Steel
  • Number of Vestibules - 1
  • Vestibule Area - 21.5 sq. ft.


By far the best advantage of the Kelty Parthenon 4 — and the other members of this line — is the fantastically spacious interior.

Here's a tent that won't negatively affect even the most claustrophobic campers out there. With vertical walls, an amazing 61 square feet of interior room, and a 6-foot ceiling, you'll never be cramped in this cavernous shelter.

Kelty's innovative awning design is also something to write home about. With a double-track zipper design on the door, you can use the included awning poles to create an outdoor living space that will keep you safely out of the sun and the rain.

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The interior height may seem like a dream come true — a tent you can actually stand up in! — but there are a couple of drawbacks that come with that added vertical room. For one, the tall ceiling makes the Parthenon much more susceptible to the wind than shorter models, causing it to quake in breezy weather.

Another disadvantage associated with the 6' height is the added difficulty in set up. If you or your fellow campers aren't very tall folks, it may take some creative problem-solving to get the rainfly quickly secured over the roof of the tent.

Customer Reviews

To give you a better idea of how this model might treat you in the wilds, here's what real customers have said about their experiences with the Parthenon 4.

Consumers like:
  • Gorgeous amounts of interior room
  • Does great against the rain
  • Tough and durable poles
Consumers don't like:
  • Wish it had more than one door for easier access
  • Very heavy model
  • Not really worth the high price tag ($320-$400)


On the upside, the Kelty Parthenon 4 boasts tremendous amounts of interior space, with its vertical walls, tall peak height, and square layout, which is great for multiple campers. On the downside, it's a bit heavy, a bit expensive, and a bit too shaky in high winds. If you want a luxury fair-weather shelter, take a closer look at this. If you want something a bit more versatile, you'll be better off looking elsewhere.

Where to Buy

We'd recommend buying the Kelty Parthenon at one of the following locations:

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