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Learn how to find the best free tent camping site in any state and avoid making your family RV or tent camping vacation cost more than the Caribbean.

We all know that camping isn't cheap, so finding a good, free campingground is an ideal way to save some money while savoring the beauty of the great outdoors.

The expenses of spending time in nature mount pretty high when you take everything into account.

free tent camping site

Our Editors at a free tent camping site in Colorado

  • Camping Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Travel
  • Campground fees
  • A few nights of modernity in a hotel

These all cost money, and when added together, can amount to an expensive family vacation.

Some ways to cut back on costs are to camp close to home and purchase second-hand or wholesale tents, packs, sleeping bags, cookware, etc.

Still, though, the price isn't always right, even when you find the best deals out there.

Save Money With Free Tent Camping Sites

So, save more money and camp with your family at a great, free campground.

The advantages of spending the night at a free campground are plenty, but so are the disadvantages. Below, we'll take a look at some of the pros and cons that we here at Camping Tent Reviews have found when our Editors have spent nights camping for free.

And then, if you are still interested in setting up camp at a free campground, we'll offer you some great resources that will allow you to find the perfect destination.

Free Tent Camping Site
The Good News and the Bad

camping in montana

Our Editors camping in Montana for free

The good news is pretty obvious, isn't it?

It's free!

Most for-pay campsites can run you between $15 and $20 a night. For someone on a strict and limited budget, this can break the bank, especially if you want to spend a long weekend in the woods or on the mountain.

So, in order to cut that cost out entirely (and use the money elsewhere--like for food, gear, or gas) it might be better for you to find a free site.


There are some drawbacksto staying the night (or several) at a free campsite.

First of all, they tend to offer very limited facilities.

The reason most parks (National, State, or otherwise) demand a fee is to pay for the perks they offer their visitors.

Such perks include:

  • Toilet/Shower facilities
  • Picnic Tables
  • Fire rings
  • Grills
  • On-site host/operator
  • Water supply
  • Trash and sewage removal
  • Grounds keeping

These amenities and services tend to be absent in sites that are free to campers.

Does this mean that you shouldn't find a free campground to stay the night at?

Not at all!

If you are prepared to truly rough it,? then you don't need any of these services.

All it requires is a bit more know-how on your part to safely enjoy your time in the woods.

This means a workable knowledge of first aid, survival techniques, and forestry. Therefore, if you are a newcomer to the camping craze, you should probably consider spending the extra ten or twenty dollars on a pay site.

Plus, if you own a shower tent, why do you need shower facilities at a campground?

But if you want the true outdoors experience, there's nothing wrong with scoping out a free tent camping site.

How to Find a Free Tent Camping Site

slough creek campground yellowstone

Camping at Slough Creek Campground
in Yellowstone is not free

Speaking of scoping out these free RV and tent campgrounds, how exactly do you find them?

In order to make the widest, most comprehensive search for free sites near you, an Internet access is required.

There are any number of websites that are devoted entirely to listings of free camping sites. A simple search will take you straight to them.

Alternately, you can check out this book on free camping sites--be warned however, the sites he lists aren't entirely free. His version of 'free' is less than $12.

If you have a telephone, you can also do great things for your search by calling up State Parks and Forests to see which offer a free tent camping site on their grounds. Most State Parks and Forests offer free RV camping anywhere that you'd like!

However, any National Park campground will cost you money.

Our Editors at Camping Tent Reviews couldn't find a single, free tent camping site at any National Park.

Finding a free campground can be done--it just takes a little time, resourcefulness, and patience.

There are plenty of locations on the web and on the land line that will help you find the absolute perfect free tent camping site for you.

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