Eureka Titan Tent
The Eureka Titan Family Camping Tent Review

The Eureka Titan Tent is one of the best rated family camping tents.

With two rooms, aluminum poles, plenty of windows, closet space, and being easy to assemble, it is foolish to purchase any other luxury family tent.

The Eureka Titan is large enough to fit eight people comfortably. If you desire extra space, set up the room divider, which converts this Eureka cabin tent from 1 to 2 rooms.

Large windows on every side provide excellent ventilation and the floor's waterproofing ensures the entire family's happiness.

Spending an hour setting up a tent is exactly what you don't want when camping and Eureka! understands this. That's why a color coded set up makes the Titan an easily assembled tent, permitting lounge time around the fire with your children.

Eureka Titan Tent Review

Eureka Titan Tent Pitched

The outstanding features of the Eureka Titan that set the standard for other dome family tents to follow include:

  • Ventilation - 6 hooded windows permit airflow even when it rains

  • Gear Loft - Eureka Titan Tents have a center flashlight loop and gear loft--perfect for children's games, books and nighttime necessities

  • Corner Closet - Who said camping is for dirty clothes only? Hang nice clothes in the corner and have a fancy dinner one night

  • Size - 128 square feet makes the Eureka Titan cabin tent larger than some NYC apartments

  • 3 Season - Camping with your family is possible for three seasons in the Titan, the best Eureka family camping tent

Eureka manufactures only high quality tents and the Titan's no exception. A corner closet space provides ample room for hangers and clothesline rings.

Two doors and the room divider allow children to come and go as they please without bothering mom and dad.

The Eureka Titan is protected from wind, rain, hail, and sleet by a bathtub floor. This unique material is 4 ounces of oxford nylon that repels all water. Titan Tents also come with a 75D Stormshield polyester fly, which increases the lifespan of your camping tent.

Finally, with aluminum poles, you can rest assured that your camping equipment investment is durable and long-lasting. If by any chance your tent poles break, aluminum is easily fixable, so your family vacation won't be ruined.

Eureka Titan Specifications

  • Area: 128 square feet
  • Height: 7 feet
  • Floor Size: 9'6" x 13'6"
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Pack Size: 12 by 29 inches
  • Number of Windows: 6
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Sleeps: 8 people
  • Seasons: 3

Learn More About the Eureka Titan at

Eureka Titan Tents: Advantages

Specs of the Titan Tent

The Titan by Eureka has many advantages over competing family camping shelters in its spaciousness, ventilation, and comfort.

With Eureka tents, you never worry about getting wet, and that stands true with the Titan, too.

This quality piece of camping equipment takes minutes to assemble and disassemble.

After a long car ride with impatient children, spending hours getting lost while staring at an instruction manual is the last thing you want to do. Time is better spent cooking, fishing, or lounging with the family.

Bottom line: nobody wants to spend hours assembling their family tent and this will never happen with the Titan by Eureka.

Eureka Titan Tents: Disadvantages

Weighing in at 32 pounds, this is not a camping tent that you want to be carrying around for long. If your family primarily car camps without having to walk far to a campground, then this does not matter. However, don't expect to go backpacking with this tent or you'll throw out your back.

Otherwise, the only other disadvantage is price (the Eureka Titan Tent price is nearly $500 at Still, this family cabin tent costs about as much as 2 nights in a 5 star hotel. Instead, you have a portable 5 star hotel in your Titan.

Eureka Titan Tents: Consumer Reviews

Consumers like:
  • Easy to set up
  • Waterproof
  • 2 Rooms
Consumers don't like:
  • Nothing


The Eureka Titan Tent is a family camping shelter that provides numerous features in order to allow your family to enjoy camping as much as possible.

While the price tag is steep, the Eureka Titan is an investment in your family's happiness and love of the outdoors--the price is well worth it.

Where to Buy

Finding this tent is almost as difficult as pitching a Coleman family tent. Of the stores we monitor, typically has it for the best price.

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