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Find out what makes Eureka camping tents the best family tent you can buy.

Families have relied on Eureka camping gear for decades. It's no surprise that the Timberline Outfitter 4 is the most popular tent for thirty years--or that the Titan is one of the best selling family tents. When you purchase Eureka!, you know what you're purchasing: quality and innovation.

The Eureka tent company was founded in upstate New York in 1985. However, it was not until the mid-30s and 40s that they began mass producing tents. As World War II began and hospital ward tent demand increased, Eureka! led the way in innovation and production.

By the time the 1960s rolled around, Eureka tents began summiting Mt. Everest and by the 70s, Eureka family camping tents became a staple for campers.

Eureka prides itself on the fact that their tents provide excellent ventilation while also being fully waterproof. Due to the luxurious nature of Eureka camping tents, you can safely begin instilling a love of the outdoors in your children at an early age.

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Eureka Titan Eureka Tundraline Eureka Copper Canyon
Eureka Titan Eureka Tundraline Eureka Copper Canyon
Eureka Spitfire Eureka Tetragon 1210 Eureka Apex
Eureka Spitfire Eureka Tetragon 1210 Eureka Apex
Eureka Timberline Eureka Equinox 6
Eureka Timberline Eureka Equinox 6

The following Eureka tents each have quality features that reveal the effort and innovation this company puts into its designs so that your children will love the outdoors as much as you:

Eureka Titan Tent

Eureka Titan Tents

The Eureka Titan is one of the top rated family camping tents and the quintessential Eureka tent: quality materials, innovative design, and luxurious layout.

Due to its innovative design, Titan Tents can be assembled within minutes with just one person. That's right--dad can set up a 2 room, 8 person camping shelter by himself.

With a closet space, camping has never been so luxurious. If the kids get their clothes dirty and muddy, you can just hang them to dry. Or, bring dressier clothes for a date night in the second room after the kids have gone to sleep. Either way, Titan Tents make camping a breeze.

Speaking of breezes, six hooded windows provide fantastic ventilation. Even if it is storming outside, the hoods allow windows to be open without rain coming in.

At 128 square feet, the Titan is larger than some NYC studio apartments, so your family will never feel cramped.

Eureka Timberline Tent

Eureka Tunderline Tent

The Eureka Timberline Outfitter 4 Tent has been the most widely-acclaimed and best-selling camping tents for over thirty years.

Any boyscout or girl scout has fond memories of the Outfitter 4, as few troops leave home without it.

With the usual innovative designs, the Timberline 4 keeps you dry and warm, regardless of weather. This is accomplished through Eureka Tents patented patented bathtub floor design and a-frame tent structure that relies on aluminum poles for 100% stability.

As with all models, cross-ventilation is superb. The Eureka Timberline 4 have hooded windows that allow airflow during inclement weather.

The Timberline Outfitter 4 Tent is a backpacking tent with a minimum weight of 10 lbs. 12 oz. While this is heavy for lugging through the woods for many miles, it's important to remember that the Timberline Outfitter is a 3.5 season, 4 person tent--few backpacking tent models can accommodate so many people for almost an entire year and weigh less.

Eureka Spitfire Tents

Eureka Spitfire Tent

The Eureka Spitfire 2 person and UL solo are top backpacking tents for individuals entering the world of lightweight backpacking.

As usual, Eureka adds innovative designs to make their tents highly functional while keeping both the weight and price tag low.

Pitching the Spitfire 2 person and UL solo takes 2 minutes, thanks to its 2 aluminum pole design. The camping gear vestibule is large enough to store all equipment, leaving plenty of room for you to stretch out inside.

A common theme in Spitfire tent reviews is that campers must pull the rain fly tight or water builds on the tent and can drip onto your gear. Otherwise, this backpacking shelter is as waterproof as any.

Still, this is a small price to pay for a backpacking tent that won't bust your wallet nor your back while carrying it into the woods.

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