Eureka Copper Canyon Tent
1610, 1512, 1312, and 10 reviews

The Eureka Copper Canyon Tent has four luxurious, family cabin tent models that will keep your family happy while camping regardless of weather conditions.

The Eureka line of Copper Canyon Tents are luxurious family cabin dome tents that offer excellent ventilation, air flow, and visibility.

With four models (Copper Canyon 1610, 1512, 1312, and 10), this line of camping tents can sleep anywhere from 4-12 people comfortably. Whether you have an extended family vacation or just a weekend getaway, the Eureka Copper Canyon tent is a model worth investigating.

Each of Eureka's Copper Canyon dome tents are waterproof and designed for optimal lounge space. Even if it rains the entire weekend, these luxurious family camping tents will keep your family dry, safe, and happy in what is essentially your own little cabin in the woods.

Eureka Copper Canyon 1610 Tent Review

The Eureka Copper Canyon 1610, 2 room family tent is the perfect first tent to introduce your children to camping.

Eureka blows the family camping tent competition out of the water with the Copper Canyon 1610, 2 room family tent design: two 80 square foot rooms, one for sleeping, one as a screened room.

Mosquitoes bothering you? Just move into the screen room for dinner. Want some privacy at night? Put the kids to sleep in one room, while you and your husband sip wine in the other.

Hands down, the Eureka Copper Canyon 1610 tent is the best 2 room family camping tent.

Other thoughtful features include:

  • Skylights in both rooms for stargazing
  • Vertical walls allow even the tallest campers to stand and roam
  • Large windows and doors for fantastic ventilation
  • Almost full floor-to-ceiling windows in screen room that have roll-back storm covers

While the Copper Canyon 1610 family camping tent is extremely heavy, it is not designed to be lugged around. Park your car, remove it from its bag, and set it up. With easy, well-written instructions that the Eureka tent company is known for, setting up the 1610 Copper Canyon is easy.

Our Copper Canyon 1610 tent reviews found the bathtub floor highly waterproof, even in torrential down pours. However, the fly isn't perfectly designed and can collect water. During heavy storms it is necessary to dump the gathering pools of water from the rain fly out.

Bottom line: few family camping shelters are as amazing and thoughtfully designed as Copper Canyon 1610 2 room family tent.

You can find Eureka Copper Canyon 1610, 2 room family tent discounts here.

Eureka Copper Canyon 1512 Tent Review

The 1512 tent is the 1610's big brother. It is a 12 person dome camping tent (as opposed to 6) that comes with detachable awnings.

The Copper Canyon 1512's detachable awnings makes this family camping shelter even more luxurious, maximizing both indoor and outdoor space.

While a nice feature, the awning is unnecessary. It provides shade for the entire front of the tent, which can be useful, but is more gimmicky than anything else.

That said, it does not detract from the excellent features of the Copper Canyon tent series and is still a top large dome tent.

If you believe that you need a 12 person camping tent, then go for the 1512--if not, stick with the 1610, which is cheaper and provides the same useful features.

Eureka Copper Canyon Tent - 1312 Review

The Eureka Copper Canyon 1312 tent sleeps 8 people comfortably, making it a perfect compromise between the 1512 and 1610.

Even if you never expect to have 8 people inside it, this extra space provides even more lounge room for your family.

Again, you will find all the same thoughtful features of the Copper Canyon Tent series in the 1312.

Find the Eureka Copper Canyon 1312 Tent lowest price here

Eureka Copper Canyon 10 Tent Review

The baby sister of the Copper Canyon Tent series is the 10 model.

The biggest differences between the Copper Canyon 10 and the other models is that it is a single room. There is no 'lounge' room.

Otherwise, the Eureka Copper Canyon 10 tent incorporates all the other thoughtful features, such as vertical walls, excellent ventilation/air flow, large zippered windows etc. This shelter only sleeps 4-5 people, instead of 6 or more.

While the Eureka Copper Canyon 10 tent is a great family camping tent, it's well worth spending the extra $50 on the 1610 or 1312. The extra privacy and space provided by the screen room is priceless.

Eureka Copper Canyon Tents: Consumer Reviews

Consumers like:
  • Spaciousness
  • Two Rooms
  • High Ceilings
  • Everything ;-)
Consumers don't like:
  • Wind gusts make tent feel unstable


The Eureka Copper Canyon tent line offers a fantastic value: family camping tents that are spacious, luxurious, and enjoyable in any kind of weather.

While the price tag may be steep, our camping tent reviews believe that if you are just introducing your family to camping, then it's well worth the pretty penny.

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