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Is Columbia a good tent?

Read Columbia tents reviews of the Cougar Flats Cabin and Bugaboo ii to learn if Columbia family dome tents are best for your camping needs.

Columbia camping tents are nearly as well-known as Coleman tents. However, unlike Coleman, which has depreciated in quality over the years, Columbia brand family tents still churn out top rated dome tents every year.

While neither the Columbia Cougar Flats Tent nor the Columbia Bugaboo Tent are luxurious models, they are two of the best selling shelters on the market and families love them year after year.

There are not many reliable camping equipment review sites out there. But Camping Tent is here to provide honest, genuine reviews of Columbia Tents.

But before we begin, a brief history of Columbia Tents...

The Columbia Sportswear Company was founded in 1938. Started by a German immigrant family, Columbia Sportswear originally began as a hat distributing company based out of Portland, Oregon.

It was founded by Paul and Marie Lamfrom, who passed the company off to their daughter Gert.

Gert Boyle took the small hat distributing company to the big stage by revolutionizing the outdoor industry with the Columbia Interchange System, which combines shell and a liner allowing for layers to be shed or added depending on weather.

Columbia Sportswear Company became the dominant force in the outdoor equipment and apparel industry after going public in 1998. It is now one of the most common names in the outdoor camping and hiking equipment industry.

Brief Reviews of Columbia Tents

Columbia Cougar Flats Columbia Bugaboo Columbia Black Mountain
Columbia Cougar Flats Columbia Bugaboo Columbia Black Mountain

If you are an outdoor enthusiast researching the best family dome tents for camping, then you came to the right place.

Directly below are brief reviews of the most popular and best Columbia tents.

These models include the cabin style, Columbia Cougar Flats Tent and the dome design, Columbia Bugaboo Tent.

You will not be disappointed if you decide to buy either of these family camping tents. Both are cheap tents that are reliable and make the most of your hard-earned money.

So strap on your seat belt, fantasize about the smell of pine, remember the feeling of cool nights spent lounging with your family while camping, and prepare for reviews of the Bugaboo ii and Cougar Flats Dome Tent, the best Columbia camping tents.

Columbia Cougar Flats Tent

Columbia Tents

The Columbia Cougar Flats Cabin Tent is a 6-8 person tent that's incredibly popular with families that love camping. Few tents for camping receive 5 stars across the board in nearly every tent review and those that do deserve your consideration. The Cougar Flats ii is one of those tents.

Of all Columbia Tents, the Cougar Flats is the most popular and luxurious. It offers features that more expensive camping tents provide, but at a fraction of the cost, such as:

  • 2 rooms and 2 doors for privacy and convenience

  • Massive center height so that you can stand and roam comfortably

  • Excellent ventilation, which is a must in any family cabin tent

  • And much, much more...

8 person tents can often feel cramped; however, with 150 square feet you don't have to worry about others intruding on your personal space.

While all these great features make a Columbia Cougar Flats tent a fantastic investment, these shelters have disadvantages consumers must know of before purchasing.

The two most apparent disadvantages of the Columbia Cougar Flats tent are:

  • Fiberglass tent poles - This tent pole material is not as reliable as aluminum tent poles, which means they might break while camping

  • No outdoor porch area - The more expensive family dome tents include camping equipment vestibules or a porch for lounging

Neither are deal breakers, but are important factors to be aware of before purchasing.

Learn more about the Columbia Cougar Flats ii

Columbia Bugaboo Tent

As with everything in life, you get what you pay for and many cheap, family dome tents will break on you within a year.

Not the Columbia Bugaboo ii Tent though--these Columbia Tents are in it for the long haul and won't break the bank.

If you need a 4 to 5 man camping tent that's reliable, inexpensive, and waterproof, you must consider buying the Columbia Bugaboo Tent.

While not perfect, no family dome tents that cost less than $150 will be without faults. If you are limited in your budget, you must weigh what's important to you in a camping tent and compare it with those on the market in your price range.

For most families, the Columbia Bugaboo tent exceeds their needs thanks to:

  • Large size - These Columbia family dome tents clock in at 108 square feet, allowing 4-5 people to camp in comfort

  • Excellent airflow - When camping with 4-5 people, you need great ventilation and airflow--these Columbia Tents provide it

  • Gear vestibule - Keep dirt, debris, and muddy gear out of your family camping tent

  • Internal organization - Store your hiking and camping tent equipment in organizable pockets

At less than $150, the Columbia Bugaboo Tent sounds pretty appealing, eh?

But don't forget the disadvantages of these Columbia Tents.

The most obvious drawback of a Columbia Bugaboo ii tent is the fact that it does not pitch quickly. While many reviews of Columbia tents state that pitching the Bugaboo ii is easily accomplished, the fact is that these tents require poles to be pushed through a sleeve as opposed to using clip technology.

Are you prepared to spend 20-30 minutes pitching your family dome tent after a long drive? If that's not a big deal and you're in the market for 4-5 person family dome tents, then the Columbia Bugaboo ii tent may be the best family camping tent for you.

Learn more about Columbia Bugaboo Tents

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