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Coleman tents are the first brand most think of when buying a family camping tent - but are they reliable?

Read Coleman camping tent reviews to learn more.

Many adults grew up camping in Coleman's large family dome tents. For years, Coleman was the producer of reliable, cheap tents that were the best value for your dollar.

Now, with Coleman tent parts and camping equipment being mass-produced in China, the quality has suffered significantly.

While they are still cheaply priced tents, most large, Coleman camping tents are a lousy investment.

That said, there are a few diamonds in the rough and some Coleman family tents are amongst the best for camping.

Camping Tent has compiled the web's most comprehensive listing of honest, Coleman tent reviews so that you can make an informed decision about purchasing your family tent. After all, this is a major investment--both financially and in your child's overall happiness.

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Coleman Weathermaster Coleman Exponent Coleman Bayside
Coleman Weathermaster Coleman Exponent Coleman Bayside
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Coleman Evanston Coleman Red Canyon Coleman Rockwall
Coleman Sundome
Coleman Sundome

Below are brief Coleman camping tents reviews of their most popular (but not necessarily best) camping tents.

While all Coleman camping tents will leave room in your wallet for extra camping equipment and supplies, you risk compromising your family's happiness by purchasing a cheap shelter that receives poor reviews or that doesn't meet your camping needs.

Coleman Weathermaster Tent Reviews

red, white and black tent

One of the best family tents by Coleman is the Coleman Weathermaster Tent. Consumer reviews of this top rated Coleman camping tent cannot stop raving about its size, luxurious features, and cheap price.

Three Coleman Weathermaster Tent models exist, including:

  • 4 man
  • 6 person
  • and 8 person tent

A common drawback with large Coleman family tents is that a Coleman 6 person tent accommodates 4 comfortably, or that a Coleman 8 person tent fits 6-7.

However, the Coleman Weathermaster tent offers three rooms, one of which is screened, plus a max height of 74-76 inches (depending on your model). The luxurious Coleman Weathermaster tent will certainly be large enough for your family.

Few Coleman Tents offer such a great value for your dollar. And no family camping tent gives you so many amenities for such a low price as the Elite Coleman Weathermaster tent.

Purchasing this screened room, Coleman camping tent will ensure plenty of happy memories for your family.

Learn more about the Coleman Weathermaster Tent

Coleman Sundome Tent Reviews

Like the Weathermaster, the Coleman Sundome Elite Tent has 3 models designed to accommodate 6, 4, or 2 people--however, the Coleman camping tents company's faults are highlighted in this tent's design.

Coleman tents entice consumers with their cheap prices and household name.

Perhaps that is why the company believes they can build crappy tents that are manufactured in China and get away with selling them.

While some tents are well-built by Coleman, many of their dome tent models are not innovative and include useless novelties.

Before getting too negative, Coleman Sundome Tents do have a handful of useful features, including:

  • Two rooms separated by a privacy wall
  • 2 doors
  • Max height of 72 inches
  • Built in, remote controlled light
  • Good ventilation

If the Coleman Sundome was manufactured well, then it would be a top family camping tent for less than $200. However, it is poorly designed and terribly built (manufactured with cheap labor in China).

Here are some of the negative talking points in consumer reviews of this Coleman camping tent:

  • Rain leaks through windows despite dome covering
  • Rainfly cords and zipper break easily
  • Tent gets cold because of cheap fabric
  • Tent bag is small

When purchasing a tent for family camping, you need to ensure you are buying a reliable shelter. After all, this will be your home for a few days.

Coleman tent reviews makes it clear that you don't want to buy a Sundome Elite

Learn more about Coleman Sundome Tents

Coleman Exponent Tent Reviews

Coleman's reputation is for family tents, not backpacking tents. However, Coleman Exponent backpacking tents are well-designed, lightweight, and cheaper than more popular name brands. If you can camp with the drawbacks, these shelters are a steal.

The two best Coleman Exponent Tents are the Tyl and Avior X2 Backpacking Tents.

Both are appealing due to:

  • Cheap price
  • Gear/equipment vestibule
  • Lightweight
  • 3 seasons

The major drawback of Coleman Exponent Tents is their size.

Although you don't spend much time inside a backpacking tent, you still need room to live. It is very difficult to fit 2 adults into the Coleman Exponent Tyl or Avior X2. This makes it useless as a car camping shelter.

However, if you own a front country tent and are looking to begin backpacking, then Coleman Exponent Tents are a steal.

Learn more about Coleman Exponent Tents

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Coleman Tents
Reviews and Ratings

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