Coleman Sundome Tent Reviews
Elite 6, 9x7 and 7x5 Tents

Is the Coleman Sundome Tent reliable for family camping? Many say no.

Learn why consumer reviews of Coleman Elite Sundome 6, 9x7 and 7' x 5' tents are mixed.

Family tents for camping must meet certain requirements in order to be considered a worthwhile investment:

  1. Be reliable in inclement weather
  2. Have sufficient ventilation
  3. Be easy to pitch

If a family camping tent meets those three qualifications, it's probably a worthwhile investment.

Coleman Sundome Tents
Reviews and Ratings

Coleman tents allure novice campers with cheap tent prices and make families think, "Hey, if the kids don't like camping, I only spent 70 dollars instead of 200."

While nobody knows if their children will like camping, they are sure to despise it if they are cold, wet, and uncomfortable. With Coleman Sundome Tents, there's a possibility of this occurring.

Three popular models of Coleman Sundome Tents exist and each will meet the needs of different campers. Below you will find reviews of the Coleman Elite Sundome 6 (also known as the Coleman Sundome 12x10), Coleman Sundome 9x7 tent for 4 people, and the 2 person, Coleman 7' x 5' Sundome Tent.

Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Review

The Coleman Sundome 12x10 tent is a 6 man camping tent. Designed to comfortably fit the entire family in its roomy interior, this 2 room dome tent has received mixed reviews.

Let's start with the good. Numerous, thoughtful features are in place in the Elite Sundome 6, including:

  • Zippered privacy wall
  • Two doors
  • Center height of 72 inches
  • Built in, remote controlled light
  • Mesh vent for ventilation

With the exception of the internal light and max center height, there's nothing spectacular about it.

All luxury, family camping tents have at least 2 doors and 2 rooms. What is spectacular is the price, which is less than $200 - but you get what you pay for...

It's rare for a family camping tent not to receive a single 5 star rating by consumers. However, consumers only give the Coleman Sundome 6 Man Tent 2-4 stars.

While consumer reviews of the Coleman Sundome 12x10 6 man tent praise how easy it is to pitch, many found numerous faults, including:

  • Dome covering of windows doesn't prevent rain from entering tent
  • Rainfly cords break easily
  • Unreliable

Coleman Sundome 9x7 Tent Review

This 4 man, Coleman Sundome Tent is cheaper than the Elite Sundome 6 and has received better reviews.

Many consumers rate the Sundome 9x7 with 5 stars.

While the center height is a disappointing 59 inches, at least this family camping tent is more reliable than the Sundome 12x10.

It pitches within minutes, is reliable during inclement weather, and its price makes it a steal for car camping.

Still, disadvantages exist, including:

  • Poor quality door zipper
  • Large mesh windows provide excellent airflow but leave the tent susceptible to cold
  • Tent bag is small

While this is a better purchase than the Coleman Elite Sundome 6, the Sundome 9x7 4 man tent is not ideal for car camping in extreme places. Instead, it's best used as a backyard camping tent.

Coleman 7' x 5' Sundome Tent Review

The Coleman 7' x 5' Dome Tent is a 2 man shelter that's affordable but unreliable.

Like the other Coleman Sundome Tents, it has numerous faults that make it prone to leakage.

While consumer reviews are generally positive, it seems as if many are left mesmerized by the low price tag. While it's consistently given quality ratings, reviews always have a laundry list of complaints.

If you are looking for a camping tent to use occasionally with your significant other, the Coleman 7' x 5'Sundome will suffice--but you're better off spending a little extra money on a Eureka or Kelty tent.

Coleman Sundome Tents: Consumer Reviews

Consumers like:
  • Easy to pitch
  • Inexpensive
  • Size
  • Internal light and switch
Consumers don't like:
  • Leaky
  • Cheap construction
  • Unreliable
  • Poorly designed window awnings


If you buy a Coleman Sundome Tent for anything besides backyard use, your kids may hate camping forever. If they ever want to camp again, they'll probably insist on a more reliable tent.

Bottom line: Buying Coleman Sundome Tents is flushing money down the toilet.

If you insist, you can learn more at

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Coleman camping tent reviews
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