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Coleman camping products have dominated outdoor equipment stores for years--but are they reliable?

Discover the truth about Coleman camping supplies, gear & tents

For generations, Coleman camping gear has been the leader in the outdoor sporting industry.

And if we here at Camping Tent Reviews have anything to say about it, they will continue to be leaders for generations more to come.

Coleman consistently delivers the best camping products on the market in an extraordinarily wide variety of categories.

Coleman camping gear

Families love Coleman camping gear

Usually when companies like Coleman try to offer so much, they sacrifice quality, comfort, and peak performance for sheer quantity and size of selection.

And while Camping Tent Reviews is somewhat hesitant to recommend Coleman camping tents, other Coleman camping gear is top notch.

They've managed to offer up everything from airbeds to tent air conditioners, 2-burner stoves to folding shovels, and wheeled ice boxes to insect repellent.

Coleman camping products are wide and varied, and almost every one of them is of top-shelf quality.

How do they do it so well when so many others simply fail?

Well, that's for Coleman to know. Your task is merely to reap the rewards of a wide selection of Coleman camping gear available to you for cheap prices.

Below, we'll take a closer look at the best Coleman camping gear and then tell you where you can go to find them.

Coleman Camping Products
Reviews of Coleman Camping Supplies

Are Coleman camping supplies really that good? The quick, easy, painless, and utterly truthful answer is:


coleman tent heater

Coleman tent heaters are the best

Most Coleman camping gear really is top-notch (the exception being a select few models of Coleman camping tents).

As an example, take a look at the Coleman SportCat PerfecTemp catalytic heater.

Now, to be honest, there really aren't that many options available to you for high quality camping tent heaters that you can safely use inside your tent. But of the three good ones worth your time and money, two of them are made by Coleman.

And one of them is the SportCat.

This Coleman tent heater is perfect for so many different occasions that it's hard to list them all. But here's a few:

  • Tent camping
  • Lounging on the back porch
  • Staying in an electricity-free cabin
  • Or talking with a friend under the stars

This Coleman tent heater is so easy to use it's almost criminal.

The InstaStart technology makes for quick, matchless lighting at the press of a button. It also features an easy grip handle for carrying and can last up to 14 hours on a single propane cylinder.

If the ease-of-use is almost criminal, the price must be downright illegal. The SportCat is available for under $50 on

Now, that is definitely a great product at a better than great price.

But it doesn't stop there.

Coleman Camping Products: Where to Find Them

Coleman camping products

Lounging around with Coleman camping products

Do you need a freestanding tent fan, a camp oven, a portable coffee maker, or maybe a shower/toilet/changing tent?

If you do, check out REI's listings for Coleman camping products, because they're all there, waiting for you to take a closer look. has some of the best deals on Coleman camping supplies that you'll find anywhere, both online and in-store.

And if you're really looking to save a few extra dollars, take a look at REI's Internet Outlet Store for fantastic deals on wholesale camping gear.

The editors here at Camping Tent Reviews almost only shop at due to:

Just do yourself a favor: in your search for the perfect gear for your outdoor sporting needs, give Coleman camping products a little look-see.

You won't regret it.

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