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Reviews of Best Tent Heaters for Camping

Camping heaters for tents keep you warm when camping in spring & fall.

Read reviews of the best tent heaters for camping, including Coleman Sportcat tent heaters

As the seasons change and winter rears its ugly head, you should think about buying camping heaters for tents.

We at Camping Tent Reviews know that as it gets colder, building up excitement about camping is just that much more difficult. This is particularly the case when camping during shoulder seasons (think Spring and Fall).

tent heaters for camping

Using tent heaters for camping
allow you to stay warm

After all, so much time can be spent shivering in the tent. However, that time doesn't have to be spent shivering--there are many steps you can take that will allow you to keep warm while camping during colder seasons.

The first steps, of course, are to make sure you have the right clothing for the climate you're camping in.

A nice vest, jacket, pants, gloves, and hat can go a long way towards making sure you're comfortably warm.

But what about the nighttime?

An excellent sleeping bag and sleeping pad will certainly help, but it can still get really cold inside a tent when the temperatures drop to 20 degrees or below.

And then you have the morning to think about. Being zipped up in an REI Polar Pod or North Face Cat's Meow bag is fine and dandy--until you have to get out of it when you wake up.

So, is there a solution?

You bet there is.

Camping Heaters for Tents
Buying the Best Tent Heaters

The best tent heaters for camping allow you to safely remain at a toasty temperature, so you don't shiver while preparing for bed or getting dressed in the AM.

At Camping Tent Reviews, our editors are particularly fond of Coleman, Delonghi, or Texsport tent heaters for camping.

Specifically, we love:

coleman tent heater

Our favorite Coleman tent heater

  1. Coleman SportCat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater
  2. Coleman ProCat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater
  3. Delonghi Oil-Filled Radiator

Like almost everything else in the world, camping heaters for tents have drawbacks as well as advantages.

We here at Camping Tent Reviews thought it might be a good idea to give you the breakdown on the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of camping heaters for tents.

Below is a pros and cons list, followed by a look at the top three models of tent heaters for camping.

If you think that camping heaters for tents may be just the thing to spark up those blustery winter nights on the mountainside, then by all means check out the three products listed below.

Each of these best tent heaters have been used, abused, and reused by hundreds of thousands of camping enthusiasts who have nothing but great things to say.

In the end, though, you have to go with what seems right to you.

Top Three Best Tent Heaters

camping heaters for tents

Stay warm when the sun goes down
with camping heaters for tents

Here's a look at Camping Tent Reviews' picks for the three best tent heaters for camping:

  1. Coleman SportCat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater - This bad boy is a 1,500 BTU unit that can run up to 14 hours straight with a single propane cylinder. With an easy grip handle for your carrying convenience and a detachable base for great stabilization, there's really no way you can go wrong with these fantastic camping heaters for tents. Retails for under $60.

  2. Coleman ProCat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater - Another great product from the girls and boys at Coleman, this portable tent heater is a 3,000 BTU device that is able to work for eight straight hours. Small and light, the ProCat is one of the most portable of the bunch. Retails for under $100.

  3. Delonghi Oil-Filled Radiator - This is a beast of a product on wheels (definitely meant for those of you staying in one location for an extended period of time) that will get the job done faster and better than anything else. With 3 heat settings and ComfortTemp technology, these Delonghi camping heaters for tents are the cream of its crop. Retails for under $55.

Camping Heaters for Tents
Pros and Cons

How is it possible, you may ask, for there to be any negative aspects of a product so amazing?

Well, unfortunately, there are.

The biggest issue with owning tent heaters for camping is the size and weight.

These heaters don't fold down like a chair or shower tent, and they can't be broken down for dispersal among your group. What you see is what you get, and what you see is an item that weighs no less than 5 pounds and is awkward to pack and unpack.

So, while it may be possible for you to carry these with you on long trips, you should probably think more about bringing camping heaters for tents if you plan on staying at a single site for a longer amount of time.

Some of these best tent heaters for camping are small enough to pack with you on longer hikes, so just be sure you know what kind of camping/hiking you plan on doing before making your purchase.

So, you ask, what are the pros?


How about waking up in 15-degree weather, reaching a few fingers from the caverns of your toasty, mummy sleeping bag, flipping a switch, and then getting dressed in the cozy comfort of artificial warmth?

If you've never one of these best tent heaters, you don't know what you're missing.

If you have, then you must agree: there's no better way to climb out of a sleeping bag than with camping tent heaters blasting warm air at you.

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