Broadstone Comfort Dome Tent: Perfect 3 Person Family Tent

by Joe

My tent is a Broadstone comfort dome tent. This has been great for my family! There is enough sleeping room for all three of us with room to get over each other.

I especially like the front entrance area because you can keep all of your clothes and flash lights in there for when you wake up but don't necessarily want to go outside to the car to get everything you need.

You also don't have to get yourself wet if it is raining and it's a great place to keep your shoes, too.

The shape of the tent also fits into some campsites better than our previous tents.

It's easy to put together, which is everything by the time you get to your destination and it's dark.

Packing it up is just as easy, with it's "sticks" and it's elastic inside which joins all of them together. All we do is take the sticks out, fold them up, and put them on the top of the tent after we have folded the tent down. The pegs go in with the sticks, and we then roll up the whole tent.

I don't remember any tent that we have had in the past being as easy as this one to put up or take down. The big windows and the rain shield are good. too.

I think the only thing that I would change about our tent is the entrance is a bit to short.

I would like to stand up in it, mostly to put pants on easier.

Other than that it has been great!

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