Black Diamond HiLight Tent Review
Ultralight 2 Man Backpacking Tents

Are you an ounce-counting, ultralight backpacker? Then read this Black Diamond HiLight tent review & learn why Black Diamond HiLight 2 tents are top rated tents

This ultralight backpacking tent for 2 people is one of the most portable, high quality tents available to you today.

black diamond hilight 2 tent

Black Diamond is a leader in next-generation tenting gear, and the HiLight Tent is a solid testament to that fact.

This compact, ultralight backpacking tent is portable and highly functioning in any weather condition.

Whether you're camping on your own or enjoying the company of a trail buddy, the HiLight tent will keep you warm, dry, and safe.

Like any camping gear, there are some disadvantages to choosing the HiLight over other 2-person tents (like the Black Diamond Mirage or Marmot Alpinist), but the good generally outweighs the bad in this case.

Black Diamond HiLight Tent Review

The Black Diamond HiLight 2 tent is a work of technical mastery. Here's a glance at some of its best features:

  • Ultra Lightweight - At less than 3 lbs unpacked, the HiLight 2 Man Tent is practically weightless

  • Compact - Dynamite comes in small packages, and so does the HiLight

  • NanoShield fabric - This revolutionary material is a revelation

It's so lightweight (3 lbs 2 oz packed) and so small (6" x 9" packed) that you can carry it virtually anywhere with a pack of any size.

The HiLight 2 person tent is one of the best compact, lightweight, backpacking tents out there.

That being said, however, there are some drawbacks to choosing the HiLight tent over other lightweight tents.

It's not exactly the easiest shelter to assemble (especially if you find yourself under the time pressure of an approaching storm) and the space inside is somewhat limited (area of 27 square feet).

But when all is said and done, the HiLight 2 man tent is certainly worth your time to check out.

HiLight 2 Man Backpacking Tent Specifications

  • Area: 27 square feet
  • Height: 3 ft 4 in
  • Floor Size: 6'10" x 4'2"
  • Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz (packaged weight: 3 lbs 2 oz)
  • Pack Size: 6 by 9 inches
  • Number of Windows:
  • Number of Doors: 1
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Seasons: 4
  • Pole Material: Featherlite Aluminum (DAC)
  • Vestibule Area: No Vestibule

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Black Diamond HiLight 2 Tent Review: Advantages

black diamond hilight tent

With a packed weight of 3 lbs 2 oz, the Black Diamond HiLight 2 tent is one of the lightest backpacking tents out there.

And, surprisingly, the small pack size (measures 6" x 9") doesn't mean you're getting a miniature tent.

All assembled, the HiLight tent still has a floor area of 27 square feet and a height of 3'4".

It certainly isn't a giant...

But what do you expect for a shelter that weighs slightly over 3 pounds and you can carry in the palm of your hand? (OK, you can't really carry it in the palm of your hand, but it's packaged size is tiny!)

Another wonderful benefit of the HiLight tent is the fabric it's created from.

NanoShield is a technologically advanced material that may be used on single-layer tents like this one for ultra light, incredibly soft, and superbly breathable walls.

Black Diamond HiLight Tent Review : Disadvantages

The greatest disadvantage of choosing the HiLight backpacking tent over its competitors is the difficulty in putting it together.

Getting the last point of the four-point structure into place can be a daunting task. And consulting the manual isn't a help at all.

Another negative aspect is the available floor space (27 square feet) inside the shelter.

You certainly can't expect to be sleeping in a palace with a tent that packs so tight and light, but for a professed two-person tent, most campers expect a shelter that can comfortably fit two people.

The HiLight tent is great if you're going it alone; the lounging space afforded to a single camper is exquisite. But if you're camping out with a fellow mountaineer, you could be in for an uncomfortably, cozy night.

Black Diamond HiLight Tent: Consumer Reviews

Consumers like:

  • Excellent fly design
  • Ultra light
  • Small pack size

Consumers don't like:

  • Difficult assembly
  • Limited space


The HiLight 2 man tent is a superbly lightweight, small tent that you can take virtually anywhere without it cramping your style.

If you're solo backpacking, this shelter affords a great deal of lounging space for you.

But if you're using the Black Diamond HiLight 2 as a 2 person tent (as labeled), you may find that you don't want to spend more time than necessary within its walls.

Bottom line: for its price--$369.95 on Backcountry's website--you can probably do better than the HiLight in terms of comfortable living quarters (like the Black Diamond Mesa or Black Diamond Mirage, which are, in fact, much cheaper).

However, this is one ultralight backpacking tent that compacts down into nothing.

If you need a light and small tent for aggressive backpacking trips, this may be the best camping tent for you.

Where to Buy

You can find the HiLight at:

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