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Reviews of Best Black Diamond Bivy Shelters

Need an ultralight solo tent for backpacking? Start here with Black Diamond bivy sack reviews, including the Black Diamond Bipod, Tripod & Lightsabre bivy sacks

If you are a backpacker searching for a quick, light, single-person shelter, take the time to look at a bivy sack by Black Diamond.

Black Diamond tents, in general, are very well crafted products, made with top notch materials, which stay true to the company's boasts of quality, comfort, durability, and portability.

Best Black Diamond Bivy Sack Reviews

black diamond bivy sacks

Black Diamond Bivy Sacks

Although they aren't for everyone, those that are in need of a bivy sack should consider picking up a Black Diamond solo tent.

The Bipod, Tripod, and Lightsabre by Black Diamond are some of the best single-person shelters on the market.

We here at Camping Tent Reviews believe that you, the consumer, should have all the info you need (both the good and the bad) before making an informed decision about what hiking, camping & backpacking gear you want/need to spend your money on.

To that end, we don't shy away from telling you if a product isn't worth your time, effort, or money.

And we're here to tell you: Black Diamond bivy sacks are worth it.

Black Diamond Bipod Bivy Review

There are many advantages to choosing a Black Diamond bivy over another brand. They generally afford you much more headroom than their competitors and they've been known to withstand some pretty horrid weather conditions.

black diamond bipod bivy sack review

Black Diamond Bipod Bivy Sack Review

The Bipod Bivy is a Black Diamond shelter that lives up to these expectations admirably.

With a shock-corded aluminum pole arching above your head and shoulders, you have plenty of room to avoid the infamous claustrophobic qualities of most bivy sacks.

This particular bivy sack is also extraordinarily lightweight, weighing in at just 1 lb 13 oz. It's perfect as an emergency shelter, or just a private hiking tent.

As far as drawbacks go, there aren't many.

One issue that some campers have is the tight fit for side-sleepers (92" long x 30" wide x 20" tall at its peak).

Unless you snooze on your front or back, you may have a hard time getting comfortable.

If you are a side-sleeper, consider the Tripod Bivy, which offers a bit more lateral and vertical room.

Learn more about the Bipod at

Black Diamond Tripod Bivy Review

black diamond tripod bivy sack review

Black Diamond Tripod Bivy Sack Review

The Tripod Bivy offers the same high quality and design precision as the Bipod but with a bit more width and height (88" long x 34" wide x 25" tall at its peak).

Like the Bipod, the Tripod Bivy also offers plenty of headroom and a mesh panel for keeping away bugs, as well as stargazing and a little night breeze.

The drawbacks to the Tripod are also similar to the Bipod.

The zipper entrance isn't quite large enough for a person taller than 6 feet to get comfortable in their Black Diamond solo tent.

Another big disadvantage is that the Black Diamond Tripod Bivy doesn't come factory sealed.

This means that unless you want to collect water in your lap overnight, you will need to seem the seals yourself.

Learn more about the Tripod Bivy at

Black Diamond Lightsabre Bivy Review

For those campers looking for a quick, light, no-nonsense shelter for aggressive mountaineering, a bivy like the Black Diamond Lightsabre should be near the top of the list for consideration.

Black Diamond took the blueprint for the more rugged Bibler Tripod Bivy and tweaked it a bit to create this new model.

What they did is find the lightest, most packable materials they could to create a feather-light version of the mighty Bibler.

Using the groundbreaking Epic fabric, they crafted a bivy sack that is far more water-resistant and breathable than most of its competitors on the shelves.

Here are some of the Black Diamond Lightsabre's other fantastic features:

black diamond lightsabre bivy sacks

Black Diamond Lightsabre Bivy Sack

  • Size & Weight - The Lightsabre's practically weightless

  • Comfort - For a bivy sack, this shelter is surprisingly comfy

  • Water-Resistant - It isn't waterproof, but you'll still be dry

Unfortunately, the Lightsabre is no longer made. But you can find similar Bivy sacks to the Black Diamond Lightsabre at

Drawbacks of Black Diamond Bivy Sacks

Of course, those who are unused to sleeping in these one-person shelters may have a hard time adjusting.

For instance, condensation is all but unavoidable.

Since the fabric of the tent is so close to your body, it's really impossible to create enough air flow to prevent a little moisture.

But we here at Camping Tent Reviews have found that this issue is present in just about every brand and model of bivy sacks.

The Black Diamond Lightsabre may suffer from a little morning condensation, but not nearly as much as other shelters (like the North Face Backpacking Bivy or the Outdoor Research Highland Bivy).

Black Diamond Bivy Sacks: Consumer Reviews

Consumers like:

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Very portable
  • Sufficient headroom
  • No-see-um mesh panel
  • Nearly waterproof
Consumers don't like:

  • No seam sealing
  • Small entrance
  • Condensation


A Black Diamond bivy sack is one of the better solo tents on the market.

For the best in super light, ultra portable bivy sacks that are made from tough materials built to withstand severe conditions, there's no way you'll go wrong with a Bipod, Tripod, or Lightsabre.

The drawbacks are few compared to the advantages.

If you are shopping around for a solo shelter, don't overlook a Black Diamond bivy.

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