Best 2 Tents for Windy Conditions

by Jack Wood
(Grandview, TX)

Recently within the month of April, I have gone on two camping trips where the weather was not particularly cold yet I experienced sustained high winds and gusts of 70 mph.

It seems 4 season tents are recommended for high wind conditions, yet I don't camp in blizzard conditions.

What are the best tents for high wind conditions?

Would a 3 or 4 season be best for campers like me?


Hi Jack,

Sorry to hear you've been camping in such miserable conditions!

It's hard to give you precise advice on what tent to buy without knowing where you live and what temperature conditions are like in the area you primarily camp. You also didn't mention how many people you generally camp with, so I'm going to give suggestions on 2-3 person tents.

While you are correct that 4 season tents are better built to withstand heavy winds, there are a-frame and cabin tent models that can meet your needs appropriately--without spending the extra few hundred dollars that a 4 season tent costs.

How to Buy a Tent for Windy Camping Conditions

There are two things to look for:

  1. In between 3 season and 4 season tents are shelters called 'extended season' tents. These are made for people that like to camp in the shoulder seasons but are also often exposed to extreme wind conditions in these seasons.

  2. 2 Doors - It's often an overlooked detail, but having 2 doors instead of 1 is very advantageous in windy conditions. This is because you simply exit and enter through the door that is least exposed to the wind.

Ok... here you go...

The 2 Best Tents for High Wind Conditions

Below you'll find our Editor's picks for three top rated tents that will withstand high wind conditions. One tent is for camping primarily in hot weather (think the south east) and the other one for mountaneous/alpine terrain (like Colorado).

Best Tent for Windy Weather in the South East

One of our Editors, Allyson, grew up in the south east and has spent a fair amount of time camping and backpacking Florida, Georgia, Alabama etc.

Clearly, if you live in the southeast, a 4 season camping tent is not what you need. A nice, middle of the road tent is the Nemo Losi Tent.

It offers plenty of space, excellent ventilation for those hot summer nights in the south, and has extra poles to support it. This helps reduce 'flapping' that you would get in regular 3 season tents. While it's not technically an extended season tent, it serves the purpose of one very well.

Read our other Nemo Tent Reviews

Best Tent for Windy Weather in the Rocky Mountains

If you're camping in the fall or spring in the Rocky Mountains, you're going to experience intense winds. As a citizen of Colorado, I wouldn't want a tent that I couldn't backpack with. So, in order to meet the needs of Colorado residents, you need a tent that can accommodate you during these windy, shoulder seasons and also one that's light enought to backpack with.

Of course, you can always own two tents--one for windy, shoulder seasons and one as a summer backpacking tent--but that gets quite expensive.

Instead, we recommend the REI Arete ASL or Cirque ASL. These tents are lightweight, backpacking tents specifically made as 'extended season' tents. Both tents will stand up to the harshest winds, are light enough to take backpacking, provide sufficient ventilation, and are waterproof with a bathtub flooring.

What's the difference?

The Cirque has 2 doors while the Arete only has 1. In our opinion, it's worth the extra money to buy the Cirque for the 2 doors.

Hope that helps! Feel free to chime in below with any additional thoughts or comments!

~ Perry, Editor in Chief

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Oct 05, 2015
You need NEW
by: Stephen Moore

You need a tent that can accommodate you during these windy, shoulder seasons and also one that's light enought to backpack with.

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Aug 27, 2015
Lovely view NEW
by: Anonymous

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Sep 01, 2014
Family tents for high winds? NEW
by: Anonymous

Had a tent dessimated by the wind this weekend and it was about 10 years old so we have deicded it is time for a new one-- suggestions? It appears these are for individual backpackers...

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