I am looking for a large, family type of tent, like a Columbia Cougar Flats II or a Eureka Copper Canyon...160 +/- on the footage. My question is this: What will hold up to the Gulf Coast constant wind around the Corpus Christi/PINS area? I've tried an Ozark tent and other big box store tents and they have barely made it thru a trip or two...please give any advice you may have. Thanks, Scott Answer: Hi, Scott! Thanks for your question. Wind is something that a lot of new campers never think about. In my opinion, it's much more important to find a tent that can stand up to the wind, than one that will offer extreme privacy or a super sturdy footprint. It's especially important for folks who like to camp in high-wind areas--like you--to get tents that can counteract a dangerous breeze. Or, at the very least, they should know a few tips for handling the wind. And, hey, that's what I'm here for!

How to Buy a Tent For Windy Conditions

Wind is the ultimate enemy of tents and camping shelters. Some people might think rain or sun would take the top spot, but I give the crown to wind. Wind will destroy a tent much faster than anything else. It can lift it off the ground, break poles, tear fabric, and even leave you exposed to danger. It's of the utmost importance to be vigilant in your fight against wind at the campsite. To that end, here are a few tips:

Large Family Tents Like the Eureka Titan Have Issues in Wind

Unfortunately, I don't know of any big, family-sized tents that are guaranteed to hold up in the high winds you're talking about. The problem is with the height. My suggestion? Pick up two smaller tents and divide your people among different shelters. This way you can all still camp together, but you get the added benefit of shorter peak heights. If, however, you're set on getting a large tent, take a look at the list below. These are some of the absolute best out there.

Best Large Family Tent Models

If you tie that rainfly down as taut as taut can be, the following three tents may fix all your problems on the high-wind grounds of Corpus Christi/PINS. I can't guarantee they won't deteriorate over time--I still suggest getting two smaller shelters to combat the wind the most effectively--but they should stand up well to nasty conditions.Let me know which you decide and if it stands the high-wind test! But I sincerely believe that if you pay special attention to the tips above and really tie down that tarp, you should be golden. Have a blast!