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So you've invited your motley gang of friends and family for a much-looked-forward-to camping trip, but still haven't found that perfect tent that could accommodate the lot of you?

Worry not, because this is exactly where we at Camping Tent help you try and make up your mind by showcasing consumer reviews and ratings on camping tent brands. Consider your research done after you've read through our reviews of the top 8 person tents.

8 Person Tents: Reviews and Ratings

8 person camping tents are not altogether unusual, because many people love camping in large numbers. In fact, there's a few too many 8 man tents. So much so that we bet you're sick of having to choose from a mix of too many brands and are wondering about how much you should dole out for an 8 person tent.

We reviewed two of the best 8 person tents that vie for your attention:

Best 8 Man Tent for the Rugged Outdoors Family
North Face Trailhead 8

Are you the kind of person who's finicky about stuff? OK, let's rephrase that- are you a perfectionist?

north face trailhead tent with and without rainfly

A Top 8 Person Tent

Then you probably own a North Face Trailhead 8 person tent.

No? Then it's about time you did! Why, you ask? Let Camping Tent Reviews tell you:

This sleek and super sexy tent can house up to 8 people, but what really grabs your attention is its spaciousness; in fact, we'd call it the big daddy of Goliath tents.

Measuring a whopping 132 square feet inside, the North Face Trailhead 8 man tent's space can be divided in three rooms having their own pull down walls, giving you absolute comfort and yes- privacy.

The North Face Trailhead 8 person camping tent's thankfully easy to set up, and is a three season tent so you can use it all year round with your family and friends.

Want to know more? Check out the specs below:

North Face Trailhead 8 Tent Specifications:

  • Sleeping capacity: 8
  • Average minimum weight: 29.2 lbs
  • Average packaged weight: 32.7 lbs
  • Floor area: 132 square ft
  • Vestibule area: Front- 28 square feet , Rear 10 square feet
  • Packed size: 31 in X 11 in
  • Max height: 78 inches
  • Doors: 2

Let's take a quick peek at some consumer opinions to help make your decision easier:

Consumers like:

  • Roomy and luxurious space
  • Privacy unlimited with 2 pull down walls
  • Can hold its own in all weather
  • Pockets and hang loops for organizing your stuff
  • Taped, water repellent nylon floor
  • Rugged and durable
  • Easy to set up

Consumers don't like:

  • Rooms on either side are slightly low
  • On the heavier side

Every tent will have its pitfalls and its pros, but the North Face Trailhead 8 man tent is one of those tents whose minus points are vastly overshadowed by its merits.

Because, when all said and done, this is one amazing 8 person camping tent that packs in some cool features and makes your camping trip truly worthwhile!

Camping Tent Reviews Rating

Have you used the North Face Trailhead 8?

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Best 8 Person Tents for Comfortable Family Camping
Eureka N!ergy 1210 Tent

Ah, the iPod and the laptop; two gizmos a workaholic, a tech aficionado, or a music junkie cannot do without.

If the thought of camping without your handy gadgets to give you company makes you somewhat cranky, it's time you checked out the Eureka N!ergy 1210 Tent.

But these gadgets need to be charged every now and then- so where can you possibly find an electrical outlet in the middle of nowhere, you protest?

family in eureka nergy tent

Eureka's 8 Person Dome Tent

Well, have no fear, because the Eureka N!ergy Tent provides not one- but three power outlets for your gizmos and appliances. Eureka N!ergy 1210 is prewired to allow you to enjoy your comforts and luxuries of home even while camping.

This tent is a godsend, and has many good things going for it apart from the electricity running through it:

  • It's sturdy in windy areas
  • Can hold its own in rainy weather without leaking
  • Can comfortably accommodate 8 people
  • and has plenty of other 'wow' factors

Let's check them out:

Eureka N!ergy 1210 Tent Specifications

  • Sleeping capacity: 8
  • Average minimum weight: 21.125 lbs
  • Average packaged weight: 22.14 lbs
  • Floor area: 120 square ft
  • Vestibule area: 16.7+16.7 square ft
  • Tent pole material: Shockcorded fiberglass
  • Packed size: 31 in X 8.5 in
  • Max height: 6 ft 4 in
  • Doors: 2

You've obviously not come here for some marketing spiel revolving around the Eureka N!ergy tent, so let's take a look at some unbiased customer reviews of this 8 person tent:

Consumers like:

  • E! Power system with 3 glow in the dark outlets
  • Lots of space and good ventilation
  • Removable room divider
  • Easy to set up
  • Polyester bath tub floor provides protection
  • Gear loft for overhead storage and organization

Consumers don't like:

  • Rainfly covers only top of the tent
  • A little on the expensive side

Despite being an expensive proposition, most campers will think of the Eureka N!ergy 1210 Tent tent as an excellent investment.

Finally, you have an 8 person tent that allows you to remain in touch with civilization while camping in nature.

Camping Tent Reviews Rating

Have you used the Eureka N!ergy 1210 tent?

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