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Smart families camp, but the smartest read reviews of 5 person tents so they buy the best 5 person, family dome tent for their needs. Start here.

The smell of pine trees and campfires. Relaxing, right?

What better way to bond with the family than roasting marshmallows over an open fire?

But if you fail to research and invest in the right 5 person tent for your family, your camping trip can quickly turn into a nightmare that your kids will never let you live down.

While loads of information exists on 5 person tents, the truth is that nobody has the time to sift through all that information.

But that's where we come in! Here at Camping Tent, we've cherry picked the two best 5 person tents and organized them depending on your camping needs.

The best 5 person tents for camping that Camping Tent reviewed are:

Best 5 Person Tent Reviews

Are you ready to save your family vacation?

Then let's get to it! Here are our favorite, 5 person family camping tents!

Kelty Mantra Tent Review
Best Overall 5 Person Family Tent

kelty mantra

The Kelty Mantra Tent

The Kelty Mantra 5 tent could just be the answer to your prayers when it comes to the great outdoors.

What's more, if you thought comfort and luxury don't go hand in hand with camping, it is about time you read on about the Kelty Mantra Tent yet.

Kelty Mantra 5 Person Tents: Advantages

Yes, this tent can accommodate 5 people- but that's not what makes this tent so irresistible.

Its jaw dropping design and the perfect mix of technology are the reasons why so many happy campers have opted for it.

This beauty uses high quality DAC aluminum poles and a great combo of clip and sleeve construction, which maximizes the tent's lifespan. You can buy this 5 person family tent and use it for years without it ever breaking on you.

Most importantly, the Kelty Mantra can be set up in a snap thanks to its color coded poles and clips. It also has one of the best rain protection systems you'd see in any 5 person family tents.

In other words: quick to pitch and no rain inside the tent means you have a happy family.

Here's a dekko at some of the Kelty Mantra's features:

Kelty Mantra 5 Man Tent Specs

  • Sleeping capacity: 5
  • Average minimum weight: 13 lb 11 oz
  • Average packaged weight: 14 lb 8 oz
  • Floor area: 79 square ft
  • Vestibule area: 16.7+16.7 square ft
  • Tent pole material: 14.5mm DAC DA17 aluminum poles
  • Max height: 60 inches
  • Doors: 2

Here at Camping Tent, we look at both sides of the fence, and have compiled a list of Kelty Mantra's advantages and disadvantages just for you:

Consumers like:

  • Sturdy structure
  • Good ventilation
  • Double doors with noiseless zipper pulls
  • Taped floor seams for protection from rain
  • Breathtaking interiors
  • Windproof

Consumers don't like:

  • Not spacious enough for 5 people
  • Heavy
  • Little tricky to set up the first time

You'll notice that the cons are far fewer than the pros of this tent. So obviously, this 5 person family tent has something good going for it.

If you're looking for that perfect (and till now, elusive) car-camping tent for your family, the Kelty Mantra is surely it.

Camping Tent Reviews Rating

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Columbia Bugaboo ii Camping Tent
Best 5 Person Dome Tent

columbia bugaboo ii specs

A Top Rated, 5 Person Family Tent

If you think a tent accommodating five people feels like a sweatshop, you obviously haven't checked out the Columbia Bugaboo II 5 person dome tent.

This baby offers plenty of head room, but what Camping Tent really admired about it is the fantastic ventilation it offers.

Goodbye, claustrophobia!

Columbia Bugaboo ii 5 Man Tent: Advantages

What really works for the Columbia Bugaboo II, 5 person dome tent is the rain protection system that keeps the rain out even during Amazonian downpours.

The DryTek fabric with its combination of fabric, design and technology repels water with its protective coating.

Along with this, the DryFloor Tub design raises the floor seams to prevent water from seeping inside. This allows the Columbia Bugaboo ii 5 person family tent to remain tent and not a makeshift bathtub instead.

Finally, the DryGuard Skirt keeps rain away from the floor seams and stake loops.

A meshed skylight offers plenty of light and helps in circulating fresh air throughout the tent. What's more, you can even gaze dreamily at the night sky from inside this 5 person dome tent- so you are now free from the clutches of putting up with nocturnal creepy crawlies for company.

red, white and blue tent

Columbia 5 Person Dome Tents

The Columbia Bugaboo has loads of cool new features, like the GoBe Dry Ultimate Rain Protection system which keeps you completely dry inside even when there's a raging downpour outside.

Columbia Bugaboo ii 5 Person Camping Tent Specs

  • Sleeping capacity: 5
  • Average minimum weight: 21 lbs
  • Average packaged weight: 24.6 lbs
  • Floor area: 108 square feet
  • Max height: 74 inches
  • Doors: 1

All that said, the Columbia Bugaboo II does have its shares of pros and cons like every other tent out there.

Here's a list of what people have liked and hated about this camping tent, so read on to decide if this is worth your money or not:

Consumers like:

  • Good center height
  • Skylights for excellent ventilation, fresh air, sunlight and great views
  • 2 storage foot lockers that can be accessed from outside and inside
  • Remote control light
  • Extra long rainfly

Consumers don't like:

  • Not spacious enough for five people
  • Tricky zippers
  • Bulky size and heavy weight
  • Not easy for a single person to set up
  • Remote control light can stop working

OK, so it does have some downers- but which tent doesn't?

Camping Tent gives the Columbia Bugaboo II five stars for its unbeatable rain protection system. So, are you convinced yet that the Columbia Bugaboo II is right for you?

Camping Tent Reviews Rating

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