4 Man Aztec Cascada Tent Review: I Love this Cheap, Lightweight Tent

by Mike
(New York City, NY)

My dad took me camping for the first time back in 1973 and I haven’t been without a camping holiday since!

These days my wife and son are avid camping fans too, and we try and get out up the East Coast as much as possible (weather permitting!).

Currently I am using a 4 man Aztec Cascada, which I managed to get for $110. I chose this model because it is extremely light weight and packs down into a very small space.

This is perfect for our needs as we travel light, far, and into some pretty remote places!

The Cascada is ideal for light to medium heavy rain, in moderate short down pours.

If the weather forecast is planned to rain for a couple of days then the Cascada benefits from being less exposed. To date though, we have not been caught out with any issues.

It is hard to say what I don’t like about it; all I can say is that the breathable polyester inner could be improved to aid air circulation. I cannot moan however, as for the price, you are getting relative quality.

The Cascada has two windows so there is plenty of light on a crisp morning, and a single vent for fresh air. This is fine if the temperature isn’t too warm. We tend to camp in the winter period so again, not an issue for us.

For any novice campers buying this tent I would sound a word of warning: the store bought tent does not come with a repair kit which is a must if you are away for a few nights at a time.

You can however pick these up quite cheaply in store or online, so give the Aztec Cascada a go!


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