10 Person Tent Reviews
Best 10 Man Tents for Family Camping

Is bigger always better?

Read 10 person tent reviews of the worst and best 10 person tents, including Eureka and Coleman ten man, family camping tents.

Americans love big products. Big trucks, big houses, big portions--but is a big, 10 man tent the best tent?

Many tent companies don't make camping tents larger than 6 or 8 people, to the number of ten person tents on the market is severely limited.

Should you forgo a large camping tent and instead purchase a smaller one? Not necessarily.

While lesser known tent companies make cheap, 10 man tents that are likely to fall apart on you, Coleman and Eureka tents make a 10 person tent that is reasonably priced and reliable.

If you are in the market for a four season tent, then Mountain Hardwear makes a bombproof, alpine base camping tent that is sturdier than an igloo.

Finally, Camping Tent Reviews will mention other ten person tents by lesser known companies as a reminder to steer clear of them.

Here are the best 10 person tents for family camping. Just click the tent model and you will be brought down the page to the 10 person tent review.

10 Person Tent Reviews and Ratings

OK, families, the wait is over.

It's time to discover the best 10 man tents for camping. Find out what makes them so good, their reliability, read consumer tent reviews, and learn why your family should only buy one of these 10 person camping tents.

Eureka N!ergy 1310
Best 10 Person Family Camping Tent

Ten person tents are few and far between. A great, reliable 10 person tent for family camping is virtually impossible to find.

So when Camping Tent Reviews investigated the Eureka N!ergy 1310 tent, saw its features, and read the reviews, we knew that we found a gem in the rough.

The Eureka N!ergy 1310 is designed for recreational family campers.

Numerous thoughtful features that makes this 10 person tent stand out from the rest include:

  • Excellent ventilation thanks to two large, mesh vents for air flow and circulation

  • Easy to clean with a sweep-out flap

  • Three 12-volt plugs so you can charge your camera to capture memories of tomorrow's adventure

  • Eureka's lifetime warranty means you won't ever have to buy another large, family camping tent

  • Room divider offers plenty of privacy -- put the kids to sleep in one side and enjoy a bottle of wine in the other

  • Straight walls means numerous cots can fit in so you're entire family has space to stretch

Add in the fact that this large, 10 man tent costs less than $300 and you have the perfect recipe for happiness while camping.

That's not to say the Eureka N!ergy 1310 ten person tent doesn't have its faults

In fact, some of the Eureka N!ergy tent's disadvantages may make you consider buying a better rated 8 person tent.

  • This baby's heavy - Weighing in at over 30 pounds means you might throw your back out as you throw the tent from your car to the ground

  • Difficult to pitch - It takes 2 adults approximately 30 minutes to pitch this 9 pole tent. Not how you want to start your camping trip
  • No vestibule - Gear and mud will be trecked inside
  • Single door - It's more difficult to enter and exit a family tent only has one door
  • Fiberglass tent poles - Less stable and reliable than aluminum--but families have not complained about the Eureka N!ergy tent's reliability

While those things are major disadvantages you must consider, this top rated ten person tent still meets the needs and demands of many families.

Eureka N!ergy 1310 Ten Person Tent Specs

  • Area: 130 square feet
  • Weight: 33 pounds, 13 ounces
  • Max Height: 7 feet
  • Sleeps: 10 people
  • Poles: 9
  • Packed size: 10x31 inches
  • Vestibule area: N/A
  • Doors: 1
  • Seasons: 3

Eureka N!ergy 1310 Tent: Consumer Reviews

Consumers like:
  • Comfortable
  • Spacious
  • Battery pack
  • Did we mention spacious?
Consumers don't like:
  • Heavy
  • Difficult to pitch
  • No color coded tent poles
  • Tent bag material is cheap (rips easily)

In the end, the Eureka N!ergy is not the best family camping tent; however, it does meet the needs of many recreational campers.

Thanks to vertical walls, this ten person tent feels more like a New York City studio apartment.

While it has shortcomings, consumers have only been pleased with their purchase of the Eureka N!ergy 10 man tent.

If you need a ten person car camping tent and are on a budget, the Eureka N!ergy is one of the best tents you can consider.

Camping Tent Reviews Rating

coleman tent
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Coleman Weathermaster 10
Best 10 Person, 3 Room Camping Tent

The Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Man Tent is amongst the most luxurious family camping tents.

Boasting 3 rooms and being fully waterproof means your family will stay dry while camping and each member will have the ultimate amount of privacy.

Like other tent reviews here at Camping Tent Reviews, here are the advantages of this 10 man tent laid out in an easy to read format:

  • 3 rooms for ultimate privacy

  • 6 feet, 4 inches center height so even giants can roam comfortably inside

  • Electrical access port so you can charge your electronics whenever you need to

Unfortunately, Coleman Tents refuses to provide tent specs for the majority of their products.

This makes it impossible for Camping Tent to offer the best, unbiased review of this tent.

Either way, based on consumer reviews it's easy to tell that the Coleman Weathermaster 10 person tent meets the demands of camping families wanting to camp in luxury and privacy.

Like the Eureka N!ergy tent, there are a handful of drawbacks to the Coleman Weathermaster, including:

  • Fiberglass poles means less stability

  • Difficult to pitch many owners claim it took them an hour to pitch the Coleman Weathermaster 10 tent

Coleman Weathermaster 10 Man Tent: Consumer Reviews

But enough of what we have to say are the benefits and drawbacks--here's what consumers like and dislike about Coleman Weathermaster 10 person tents:

Consumers like:
  • Spacious
  • Large, front door
  • Inexpensive
  • 3 rooms for privacy
Consumers don't like:
  • Heavy
  • Condensation builds
  • Difficult to pitch

Like the Eureka N!ergy, the Coleman Weathermaster 10 person tent has drawbacks.

For many, purchasing an 8 person tent would be best, as more models are available with fewer drawbacks.

However, for many the Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Man Tent offers everything they would ever need.

Check out other Coleman Weathermaster Tent reviews

Camping Tent Reviews Rating

weathermaster tent
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Worst 10 Person Tents
Don't Buy These 10 Man Tents

OK, now that the good is out of the way, it's time to get to the ugly.

Since so many camping tent companies don't make 10 person tents, Walmart and Target tent brands have stepped up in an attempt to fill this void.

What is a Walmart or Target tent brand?

Tents that are only sold in Walmart or Target. They are brands you haven't heard of because so few people own them. Those that do buy them, regret their purchase on the first camping trip with them.

Here are common, tent companies that make a 10 person tent:

  • Black Pine
  • Gigatent
  • Texsport
  • Model 94
  • Trek
  • Eddie Bauer
  • and Wenzel Tents

If you are looking for 10 person tent reviews on any of the above camping tents, here's the bottom line on them: Don't Buy!

These camping tents are a waste of money and are unreliable. Since they aren't waterproof tents, you will end up sleeping in a water-bed, which means your kids will hate tent camping instead of love it.

Trust us - avoid these ten person camping tents at all costs.

Camping Tent Reviews Rating

weathermaster tent
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